Sunday, August 12, 2012

Adieu Olympics..

~ Adieu Olympics 2012~

While London was busy with the last minute
perfections for today's closing ceremony of
Olympics 2012 , I was busy in the kitchen,digging
through my pantry to create some quick thematic
Breakfast fun for my family . To add a zing to their
breakfast on a bright sunny Sunday morning ,
I just picked up some cookies , honey & fruits :)

These easy to make fruit cookies are our way to thank
the Indian players for the hard work & efforts they have put
in to bring laurels to our nation .

Using a small cookie cutter (a bottle cap will also do) gently
cut out circles from the centre of the cookies, use gentle
rotating motion or the cookies will break....
Ahh!!! these lil cutie leftovers , believe me kids will love
gulping these tiny circles much before you can think of
using these for something else!!!! )

Smear some honey on the cookie rings & top with finely chopped
fresh & dried fruits . I wish we got some blueberries in India :( :(
Anyways I topped the first one with some blueberry preserve &
a few blue sprinkles.Chopped black raisins (Sultanas) were
perfect for depicting the black ring , frozen maraschino cherries,
chopped pistachio & diced mango were perfect toppers for the
red , green & yellow olympic rings.

A cup of warm milk, cookie rings topped with energy
boosting fruits ,loads of fun & laughter , what else do we need to
make a weekend perfect :) :)


  1. Beautiful theme great depiction !!!

  2. Thnx for the kind words buddies :) :)

  3. How pretty! your creativity always amzaes me!

  4. Wonderful portrayal of the spirit of Olympics.

  5. Very cute !! Kids will surely love it !!

  6. ADORABLE - probably the cutest (and easiest) thing I have seen in a while!

  7. Truly adorable...Smita, u're one talented lady with unlimited creativity!! Stumbled onto your blog while looking for quaker homestyle masala oats reviews and now hooked to it owing to the wonderful recipes along with droolworthy pics :-) btw, in one of the posts u mentioned Shipra mall, do you live in ghaziabad/ indirapuram by any chance?

    1. Hello Alina
      Thanks for the kind words , I'm glad u liked the creations. Yup, I 'm in Indirapuram , . Are u somewhere nearby ???
      Cheers - Smita

    2. oh yeahhh, i live in indirapuram, feel honoured to find such a popular food blogger from this place...i love cooking and baking and so does my 4 year old little girl...i'm sure i'm gonna recreate many of ur recipes for her :-) let me know if you ever want to meet up over a cup of coffee, would love to meet a fellow food enthusiast/ mom :-)

  8. Thanks for all the kind words buddies , tis keeps me rocking !!!

  9. Fab idea Smitha !

  10. oh, this is amazing! I'll definitely share it with my friends! we gather interesting sites like this in one topic 'art in the kitchen', maybe there is sth more worth adding to the topic we haven't already found...

  11. They are gorgeous...tasty, great looking and I am sure kids will gulp them down. I will try them out. I recently tried out a drink made of strawberry, lime and Mango. Came out really well. Since the season of mango is over, my kid has been stuck on the mango drink Jumpin. He insists that I give him a pack with lunch and he has one after dinner. On that note, have you checked out the video they have come up with? 2 cute nanis having a dance off. This is one of the other reasons my son likes Jumpin. I have also heard that this video has been created for a social cause...well kudos then! I saw the video and am sharing the link here:


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