Sunday, October 31, 2010


~ Little Boo Junction ~
(Halloween Treats -5)

At this spooky time of the year ,
When all black cats hiss,
May sweets & treats all come ur way ,
And tricks give you a miss !!!

Happy Spooktacular Halloween !!!!

Today is Halloween & if you are still looking
for some creepy , haunting food ideas then
you need'nt go any further. With a small effort
& very very basic ingredients your party can
be anything but ordinary. Creep the kids out
with these Crepes that look scary to but are all
the easy to make .........

Fill the crepe batter (recipe link )in a squeeze
bottle & let ur creations go wild !!!

Ghost Buster

Skull & Bones ????

Caught in the Web !!!!


  1. You have such great ideas and are so creative with how you make food fun for children. I have enjoyed visiting and are going to go look around your blog some more.

  2. HA ha thats awesome .. and so creative.. beautiful.

  3. You've done it again, how artistic and wonderful!! You never cease to amaze me! These are the coolest! Spider web is my favorite.

  4. Awesome display of spooks in this form of crepes. Very nicely done.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Awwww so cute ... what a simple but great idea .

  6. Love it! I posted a link at Thanks for sending along!

  7. too good,..
    wish u nd ur family happy diwali

  8. Love these casper figuries out there. Lovely creations, Smita.

  9. Just paid a visit and your food is stunning! Looked down the list and then noticed your where a graphic designer, not surprising you wipe the floor with my egg and bacon smily face :) Love the spiders webs! Very inspirational!

  10. Making our little ones eat is not an easy task ,but mealtimes can be real fun with food art . Little Food Junction is all about food display,
    garnish & presentation.
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