Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween -1

~ Little Boo Junction ~
Halloween Treats -1

Halloween is around the corner & the mere mention
of the word is enough to evoke all the spooktacular
fun .This easy to make icky- looking yummy recipe
will surely make all the lil ghouls & goblins scream
in delight . Ready for Trick or Treat ????????

Although Halloween is not much a celebration in
India but owing to the page three parties, pubs ,MNC
culture the spooky celebrations are rapidly catching up
here too. Believe it or not I was unaware of this fun
festival till couple of years back. After gearing up some
gross n spooky treats for my lil one & her friends last
year we are in a full mood to party harder (read
scarier) this time !!!

Spiders on my Candy Corn ......

Candy corn Pizza- diced yellow pepper,tomatoes, & onions
topped with mozzarella . Spiders - black olives .
Bake n divide into segments. Serve..

Before baking & slicing


  1. Hi Smita,

    Amazing creativity dear!!!:)

    Keep rocking..Let me see if i can think of something!!


  2. Lovely, your kids must be really lucky to feast on your beautiful creations :)

  3. Oh, how scary and creative!! And it is a two in one recipe, because adults will like it without the spiders, it is very pretty that way!! It does not surprise me that you had not heard of Halloween till recently, it is probably just an American holiday. I am surprised that your country is starting to celebrate it, though! will anyone there be trick-or-treating? Will your daughtre have a costume, and what will it be?

  4. Very cute!!Olive are tooo good! very spooky!!! wonderful creation!!

  5. Thats a great idea ... Love it

  6. Oh my god.. unbelievable.. extremely brilliant one :) love it totally :) hats off to you again :)

  7. wow, until now I never thought olives can make a good bug, fantastic idea!

  8. Presentation is differant and interesting for kids


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