Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Republic Day

~ Happy Republic Day ~

On the occasion of India's 60th Republic Day ,
Little Food Junction salutes the Nation ,the Constitution
& the immortal National Heros for their devotion and
sacrifices. Hope peace , love and harmony reigns in all
the parts of the world today n everyday.
Happy Republic Day to all !!!

Todays food art creation is a symbolic representation of the
4 directions of the Indian republic - the saffron colored
carrot halva is a favorite delicacy from West , the rice depicts the
staple food of East , the green sprouts depict the pulse loving
North n the spiral Murukku on top symbolizes the savories from
South , n together they combine to make our national Flag n a
well balanced Indian thali ( food ).

My India , My Pride

Carrot halva ( linked recipe video), salted white rice, sprout salad ,Murukku ( chakli)


  1. Wonderful theme n beautifully shot !! Happy Republic day to u too .

  2. Beautiful creation . Love ur serving platter too !!!

  3. Happy Republic day!!!!
    Lovely presentation

  4. Woww so pretty..Happy Republic Day..

  5. lovely work as always..
    Happy republic day to you..

  6. very artistic and a beautiful perfect creation of the flag.You r a real great artist with innovative ideas. Keep it up.

  7. Very creative and artistic presentation...as usual:) A very Happy Republic day to you too:)

  8. Very Innovative.You have amazing artistic skills.

  9. Thanks for all the lovely words buddies , ur comments encourage me to create more !!

  10. Great picture... Very creative..

  11. Beautiful creation n an awesome picture . I really admire how u have transformed such common edibles into an art form . Keep it up !!!

  12. lovely sytling, Smita but can you really eat this thali...this combination?
    I mean, plain rice with sprouts & murukku??

  13. Hi Anonymous ,
    Thanks for liking the styling .
    Salted rice topped with clarified butter ( desi ghee n black rock salt ) n mixed with sprouts tastes lovely , my little one often loves this combo ( she is not that fond of cooked dal ) so I substitute the proteins to her in this manner .
    Dfntly I could have subsituted the sprouts with a cooked green dal but that wud hav surely not given a smile on my lil ones' face - Lol !!

  14. Beautiful and lovely presentation and click dear..

  15. Belated wishes on our Republic Day!
    All your work here is truly amazing.

  16. wow, nice tiranga,love the creativity.

  17. U've won. Come by to claim ur prize!! :)

  18. I'm glad to drop in here dear....Your every post is so very creative. Every carving of your's is just amazing. Your snack time click is very interesting.....Excellent presentation.
    I enjoyed reading your interview.
    Happy Blogging and do visit

  19. Thats real cute and looks lovely.. beautiful.

  20. this is the first time i am visiting your blog and i am amazed by all your creations such a beautiful work..would love to visit again..

  21. Hey Smita

    i'm bit too late to wish you a happy republic day..but hay we shouldn't celebrate only on one day...as usual all posts are awesome and beautiful..


  22. A very warm welcome to all visitors, thanks for visiting n putting in such lovely comments. Such kind words truly encourage me towards more creations.
    Hope to c u all here again .

    - Smita


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