Friday, February 12, 2010

With love -4

~ With Love - 4 ~

Valentines Day is incomplete without cakes n chocolates.
Anything made with love is surely the best gift for our
loved ones n these cute little muffins n chocolates are
the perfect treats to melt a heart............

Loving Muffins

Muffins , Fruit rolls/ sheet

Chocolate Lovers

Nothing melts a heart like yummy homemade chocolates.
Recently I came across a wonderful Chocolate maker
from Delhi - Mrs Deepika Garg. Mrs Garg is the lady behind
ChocoDelite , a brand that specializes in variety of chocolates
( sugar free also ) , truffles & yummiest homemade cakes.
-customized to one's liking . Packed in beautiful artistic gift
wraps n very reasonably priced these are a perfect way to say
" I'm Nuts for you Honey !!! ''
For more info on yummiest gifts mail her at -


A very warm thanks to Shruti from Mindful Meanderings
for sending the lovely prize - the books n the beautiful
hand painted card. Do check her blog for the
Feb 's Artsy Crafty Challenge (Paper Crafts theme )


Award time
Warm thanks to Nisha of Nisha's Kitchen &
Devi of Devi's blog for passing this Kreativ
blogger award . Thanks a lot for liking my
blog buddies. This award truly encourages
me towards more creations....

With all love I pass this award to all my blogger
buddies. Kindly accept the award from my blog
n pass it on to encourage other bloggers too ...


  1. Wow thats wonderful cup cake and those chocolate looks so tempting.

  2. wow!!!!!!!! looks very cute,nice imagination.

  3. Yummy cupcakes and the chocolate looks out of the world:)

  4. ohhh the muffins look sooo cute.. did u bake them urself?? where do u buy Fruit rolls/ sheet from?

    Also, thanks for putting up the pics of the card. i'm sure u've already got others inspired.
    Congrats on the kreative blogger award & being featured on the crafty crow :) . Hugsss. u so deserve them.

  5. love the muffins..they look so gooood..

  6. Congrats for the award, dear...the muffin and chocolate are truly adorable....

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments buddies. Such lovely words keep me rocking ...
    @ Mindful Meanderer - Once in a while the fruit sheets are available at the imported confectionery stores , otherwise its a bit difficult to get these regularly here in India . These are v v easily available abroad , and can be stored for several months in the refrigerator . ( look out for 'Fruit by Foot ' or 'Fruit roll ups 'brand theyr truly yummy , i have used the 'Berry Tie dye' flavor )

  8. Oh I loved the muffins and chocolates! You have a great weekend girl!

  9. Beautiful muffins n yummy chocolates - what a lovely combo !!


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