Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Time -2

~ Spring Time - 2 ~

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever
- John Keats

The smell of the lovely flowers at the flower
show still lingers in my mind ... These vegetable
flowers surely do not have that sweet smell but they
truly have the power to make your salad platters
bubble with new life .......

Flower Garden

carrots, cheese balls , pepper corns/ capers , curry leaves .

The Lotus Pond

Onions , spinach
Cut onions in zig zag motion n divide into two flowers , gently
shuffle the layers to make petals )


  1. I can't believe this can be done so well! Awesome onions :)

  2. lovely and artistic decoration of veggies.

  3. Fantastic and superb decor...done a great job!!!

  4. Gosh!! I really dish the frog plate :p .. of course the onions are amazing too! :) I need to buy the cookie cutters... soon! these are amazing smita :)

  5. Love our national flower.....nice presentation

  6. Thanks for such lovely words buddies , your warm words are truly a motivation.

    @Mindful Meanderer - Buddy that Frog plate is actually a simple blue melamine plate on which i have popped one of the froggy toy from my daughter's collection, luckily it added as a good prop .....

  7. What a great look !! Looks awesome. Till I saw I could not believe one can have such a beautiful imagination. You have created a marvelous, well decorated recipe.


  8. Awesome! cute beautiful too good.............

    Nazar na lage ise kshamata ko...................

  9. How neat! I absolutely love your designs with food, makes it all look so yummy! Thank you for sharing and I passed your link on to my craft friends on my website. Love your site!


  10. This makes me smile...I am longing for spring. Thanks for reminding us it is right around the corner.

  11. Lovely! Artistically photographed and set up as well.

  12. Just browsed thru few of your posts....Like the artistic work u have done.....lovely...

  13. really superb,i have seen in the newspaper n opened the blog,very attractive, i will try out for my twin kids

  14. I don't understand how those are carrots. Is there a special kind of carrot that has a yellow/light inside? (No, I'm not talking about the cheese- I know that's what is in the middle.) They just don't look anything like carrots!


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