Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring time-1

~ Spring Time- 1 ~

' Its spring its spring Oh I just can't wait
To find fruits on the vases And flowers on my plate'
- from Spring by Arvie Calimlim

Spring is the most beautiful season to captivate our
sight n senses. Besides being cheerful colorful n
blossoming with new life , it is also synonymous
to all the beautiful n colorful flowers . A recent
visit to a flower show warmed up my imagination
and inspired me to get a little bit of
sunshine on my plate too ..........

Physalis Topiary

Physalis (rasbhari/ cape gooseberry), wooden
dowel or a sturdy wooden stick , floral foam

Kiwi Blooms

kiwi slices, skewers

Guava blossoms

Red n white guava , black grapes , dill

The Fruity platter

Guava , strawberries


  1. hey its my first time here...and im mighty impressed..by ur creativity!!lovely!

  2. The guava ones look very beautiful :)

  3. Sooo cute and lovely....Beautiful clicks too...

  4. Pretty and so cute...awesome clicks..

  5. I love the way you get inspirations from the seasons.Beautiful click.Do drop by simply.food some time .

  6. Love the ping guava idea!! So easy!! :) My guests rae going to be really pleased ...
    Wish i could share some pics. No camera :(

  7. Smitha these are really beautiful; now to get those guava's! :-)

  8. out of world ..........
    tempting ...............

  9. Wow..so creative of you, I am very much interested in doing some thing like this...how long does the kiwi blossoms stays fresh..was thinking to gift someone..specially made with these fruits..

  10. Very beautiful and creaive Pictures.

  11. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Such lovely comments keep me going !!! Also a very warm welcum to all the new blogger buddies , hope to c u here again.

    @ A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine - If u are planning to gift someone sumthng like this i would advise u not to use cut fruits esp kiwis as they r v tender n once cut hav a short life. Kiwi arrangement is good for quick consumption. Instead u can use strawberries , grapes, physalis or berries - these too can be arranged wonderfully n also have a longer life .

  12. The rasbhari arrangment is amazing n so is the guava flr. Where do u get such nice ideas from ???

  13. Looks excellent and loved the kiwi with sunshine yellow background. Loved the composition.

  14. Hello Smita Srivastava,

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog and give me inspiration through your words dear..

    Good to know about Little Food Junction..........

    You are artiest dear.....really i first time see this type of good food blog with different art....

    Nice to know about your blog dear....
    Happy Blogging....


  15. Awwwwww wat lovely flowers - i wish i cud eat them all - truly admire your creativity for all these out of the world creations

  16. They are very pretty Smita... Lovely presentation!!!


  17. Thanks deary for your quick response!!shall soon visit again..


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