Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Holi-2

~ Happy Holi - 2 ~

Holi - is the most fun filled and boisterous
of Indian festivals . It is synonymous with colors,
music , fun & play . Lets add some spark to this
Holi by making some colorful edible play doh
for our little ones - a doh which little ones would love
to play , squeeze , squish & eat too ( without
even noticing that they are in the kitchen
actually helping you !!!!! )

Did I say EDIBLE ????

This is the versatile dough for making salted North Indian
crackers called Mathri / Matthi . Substitute the water
( used for binding the dough ) in the recipe with
spinach juice for green ones , beet juice for pink
& turmeric powder for yellow . Recipe (link )
Just run ur imagination wild with this
colorful magical dough ...........

Flower Power

Prepared Mathri dough - roll the doh n cut the flowers
with a cookie cutter , prick with a fork n deep fry/ bake .
Kids would surely love this part ..........
(Gadget - flower shaped cookie cutter - leaves are
easy n can be easily cut with a knife )

Colorful Swirls

Prepared Mathri dough
To make the swirl - Make 2 tortilla / roti size circles from the
pink n white dough . Sandwich together , tightly roll n cut
into 1"thick pieces . Flatten the thick roll with your
palm or a rolling pin . Prick with a fork n deep fry/ bake .

This versatile dough can be also used to make colorful
puris too ...


I'm happy to send these to Asankhana's -


  1. happy holi to u in advance!!! :)
    Love the look of these mathiri art! will try out at home.

  2. Happy Holi! And a wonderful, beautiful, innovative mathri!

  3. Happy holi .Its treat to eyes also

  4. Lovely mathris smita... flower power is really powerful for out eyes.. wonderful job dear. Keep going.

  5. I just adore your blog! Everything is soooo beautiful!Thank you!!!

  6. Happy Holi! These are just beautiful!

  7. That's a colorful post...happy holi!

  8. A very happy Holi to all of u . thanks for liking my creations n putting in such lovely comments .

  9. So colorful and inviting! Kids will surely love these!


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