Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Holi-3

~ Happy Holi -3 ~

Little Food Junction wishes all its readers
a very happy & colorful HOLI !!!!

India celebrates Holi today ,
soon everyone will gather with colorful
powdered colors & the riot of brightest glittery
colors will envelop the entire surroundings .
The kids seem so excited filling colorful
water in their fancy water guns.
The smell of festival foods & perfumed
herbal colors is truly enchanting ........

I loved this Holi Google Doodle too -

Caramel topped Gujjiya

Gujjiya , caramel sauce , sprinkles

Ladoo party favors

My daughter will be offering these Indian sweet
Ladoos wrapped in colorful foils to all her friends
who 'l come to play holi with her today ...

Holi meals

Rice, dal, salad n gujjiya
I 've made this holi themed platter with rice shaped as
pichkari ( water gun ) for my daughter's friend who is
sick & thus cannot have all those fried festive foods ....


  1. Too good presentation as usual .
    Happy holi.......

  2. Happy celebration to u . beautiful creations . i jus love the Ladoos , long time back i had brought these from an indian store here, n my kids loved it .

  3. Awesome .... love the pichkari , how hav u made the carrot cone ??????

  4. wish u a very happy holi and the sweets look awesome.

  5. My god!! :) happy holi!! sweets look awesome.

  6. Happy Holi!!!
    Sweets look delicious with lovely presentation :-)

  7. Your presentation is always so great...I love that pichkari:) happy holi!

  8. Award for u

  9. very innovative holi platter...holi mubarak to you too....I miss delhi ki holi....

  10. Happy holi wonderful pics... The last one is simply very creative and kewl!!!

  11. A very Happy Holi to all of you buddies !!!

  12. OMG it's looking really nice Smita!!!!! Your daughter's friend must be very happy :)

  13. The more I am browsing your blog, the more I am getting impressed. This is totally out of the world. :)

  14. love the pichkari!
    can you recommend a good store in delhi/ncr that sells baking goods like sprinkles, chocolate chips, cookie cutters, cupcake moulds etc?

  15. Thanks for liking the creations friends . Such lovely comments truly motivate me !!

    @ Khaugiri - thats so true but i was the one more happier to see that inspite of being sick she too was equally enjoyng the celebrations :)

    @ Rima - theres no one stop destination where u can pick all these things togethr . U can get reasonably priced molds n cutters at The Central markt in lajpatngr , besides stores like Lifestyle n Hometown also ocasnaly keep such gadgets . Sheel pans near Rajori gardn is a wndrful place to pick all the bakng gadgets Do chk out this link.

  16. Your creations are just so very very innovative....

    Love your blog...

  17. how had u made the pichkari???

  18. how to make this pichkari...plz guide...

    1. Rohit the warm rice is molded in a tube shape mold , the tip and end is made with carrots .


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