Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kindergarten Days

~ Kindergarten Days ~

Kindergarten ( or playschool ) is a world
of fun & learning . Owing to the fun n frolic-
lovely colorful toys , fun activities , melodious
songs , action poems n loving teachers the
kindergarten becomes our lil ones home
away from home. A recent visit to my
daughter's school was the inspiration
behind these creations ........

The Fruity Abacus

Skewered Red n green grapes mounted
on a banana

Hickory Dickory Dock
The mouse went up the clock ....

Clock - Orange slice, pieces of grape peels , celery
Mouse- Strawberry , sliced grapes for ears , mini mint
candies for eyes , black grape slice for nose

C is for Clown

Bread ( cut with a circular cookie cutter ) , lettuce, red cabbage ,
carrot,capsicum , olives, chocolate coated candy gems , corn .

Dum dum dum says the Drum

orange, grapes


  1. Amazing , awesome , creative , fantastic ..........
    I think i feel short of words to define this blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hats off to your creativity !!!

  3. Amazing!! hope you and your family had a lovely holi...

  4. Hey,
    First time here. You are very artistic. Love all your imaginative edible creations. Following you dear!

  5. Wow..so cute, I showed to my kindergartner, and he liked the C= clown..just loved watching the rest of your creations..and now guess what...he asked me to make some for him..not artistic as you...but will surely try something for him.

  6. Wow...I was speechless...but I need to type...You rock!...Amazing ideas and very well captured...thanks for sharing these lovely gems...

  7. OMG! how did I miss your blog. you are so talented. :)I can never think of playing with food so much.

  8. This is PURE art! Congratulations!

  9. Great inspiration here and amazing photos!

  10. First time here and u have really really a great blog.. wonderful .. do drop in at my blog whenever.. following you


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