Monday, August 24, 2009

Scarlet mushroom

~ The Scarlet Mushroom ~

I simply love mushrooms!! these little fleshy
fruity bodies always top my grocery list.
Few days back I bought a stool for my lil one .
Its beautiful scarlet cushioned seat with white polkas
constantly reminds me of Fly Agaric , the most gorgeous
mushroom of the fungal world, truly a delight for
the eyes( Beware !!! its poisonous )
My scarlet egg mushroom is definitely
an edible Fly Agaric ......

Lil Fly Agaric

Hard boiled eggs, tomato n mayonnaise
( Cut a thin slice from the broader side of the egg to make a
stable base for the mushroom , top it with a
tomato cap , lastly make white dots with mayonnaise.


  1. i hate egg... but this looks so tempting that u feel like having it right now.. gr888

  2. thanks manvi .... ur cmnts really motivate me to make n display more edible creations .....

  3. Wow!! Thats amazing!! Totally new idea!!

  4. So cute! Did you have the heart to eat it?


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