Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The crepe magic

~The Crispy Crepe Magic~

Lentil Crepes better known as
are a very famous traditional Indian snack.
These are thin crispy crepes made out of soaked n ground split .
Green gram. Owing to the lightness of the ground lentils,
this yummy crepe tastes like a lacy French omlette .
If your kids love crepes they will surely cherish
this delicious version.
A big hit at my little one's garden party .........

Little friend

Lentil crepes,cucumbers, tomatoes,beet , radish n cloves.


Lentil crepes,olives
n capsicum.

Little Cat

Lentil crepes,cucumbers, tomatoes, olive , radish n cloves.

A Hungry Bird

Lentil crepes,carrots, tomato, olive , Granny Smith apple n curry leaves.

Butterflies in my stomach

Lentil crepes,carrots, tomato, beet , cucumber,corn,
radish ,nigella seeds n curry leaves.


  1. amazing!
    u r really talented and got a creative mind....i actually came across through ur blog today only!
    actually i was looking at moong dal dosa recipie on manjula aunty's comments section i read ur comment and just clicked on a link by chance!
    and woila!!
    when i first saw ur post, i couldnt help but smiling!!!
    it was so nice!! i'm actually new into this cooking area (much to my mom's relief!)
    i'm 17 and i've a brother 5 years old....he doesnt like 2 eat homemade food unless he finds it interesting! (same goes with me, too!)
    but after visiting ur blog, now i know what to do with him!!

    thank u very very much for creating such a nice blog....keep updating more and more products of ur creative mind!
    u rock,,,cudos 2 u!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments Drishti !!!!
    My motto is to make mealtimes a fun & help moms to make their picky little ones eat without any fuss.....
    Your suggestions are always welcum !!!


  3. Argh! It is so cute here! I just came across your blog via the link on Craft Gossip. I would love to link to some of your posts in my Crafty Food Roundup if you didn't mind. I have lots of readers who love putting together creative lunches.

  4. Thanks for ur comments Rachel ! It will be a pleasure to be linked with ur blog ....



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