Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tiffin time

~ Tiffin Time ~

The secret to perfect school lunches
is isn't just well cooked food
but also its captivating presentation.
Kids love to eat if their meals are innovative n different.
You'l be amazed how a boring parantha ( tortilla)
or a sandwich will get gobbled up
when shaped into a flower or a cartoon.
If you struggle early in the morning
to fix the daily lunch box(or are unable to make
decorative bentos) for your little one
then these ideas will surely help .......

My Little Airplane

Fried rice ( with lots if diced vegetables) n sprouts
(gadgets- Aeroplane shaped mould)

Bicolor Sandwich

Brown n white bread sandwich, tomato, basil,pomegranate
Peel the tomato , fold n shape into a flower

Scalloped Parantha (Tortilla)

Whole Wheat Parantha ( tortilla) , stir fried potatoes n peas
( Gadgets- fluted cookie cutter)

Little Hearts

Vegetable cutlets, sliced pears
(gadgets - tiny cookie cutters of various shapes)
For the cutlets- Shape the cutlet batter into small hearts ,
coat with fine semolina/ soy chunks n top with cashews ,
shallow fry /grill. Core the pear centres with cookie cutters ,
soak in diluted lime juice for a min , pat dry n pack.
( lime juice prevents cut iron rich fruits from turning dark.)


  1. Looks delicious and must taste too
    Fabulous post , and interestingly for me - have a non fire cooking program at my daughters school tomorrow, plan to use your ideas - with a lot of gratitude :)

  2. Thanks for liking my ideas Lohit .
    All the best for the program , wud love to c ur creations .

    - Smita @LFJ


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