Wednesday, August 19, 2015

World Photography Day

  ~ World Photography Day 2015 ~

A good photograph is knowing 
where to stand !!
                                            - Ansal Adams 

Photography is not just a hobby for me, its 
way of life and my window to the world. 
Every time I pick up my camera,the magical
 gadget is all ready to cast a spell on me, and for
 hours and hours I stay glued to it ,changing my
 angles, adjusting the props, waiting for that
 perfect light and clicking  innumerable pics
 till I get a best shot  to choose from.On the
 occasion of World Photography Day nothing 
could  have been better than combing my 
passions in one.

Camera on my plate 

Edible camera for World Photography Day

Whole wheat bread cut into a rectangle and  topped
 with a bread circle, cheese, yellow squash and kiwi .

The pleasure of capturing moods of the people, 
the joy of shooting colourful food on plates 
or the happiness that a perfectly timed nature/
wildlife pic gives is too difficult to put in words.

Nature ...Trails near and far .....


Over all these years the camera has been my best 
buddy, with thousands of shots and gradual 
understanding and  improvement via each,
the journey has been a long and happy one. 

Lifestyle .....outdoors n indoors.........

pic feed the eyes  .....


Portraits ....full of joys ...


Photography that started as a passion took 
a different route after I started working on
 several commercial projects. Right from 
shooting food pics for Child magazine to
 mocktails for Barista and a recent Quaker
 cookbook , the passion surely came a long 
way. Many projects needed working for long 
hours but luckily the passion for photography 
food and styling always kept my spirits high. 

Truly someone has aptly said "Let your
 words be few and your exposures many"
and then let the joy begin.......


Questions?? Comments !! Its a pleasure to hear from you :) :)


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