Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flower power

Flower Power

The thing I love most about winters is the bounty of
colorful flowers, fruits & vegetables that it brings along.
The season offers the widest choice in fleshy fruits, leafy
vegetables & colorful tubers. Bright red & purple maroon
carrots swiftly overtake the orange colored English carrot
market, the harder variety of summer guavas are replaced
by their soft n aromatic white & pinkish fleshy cousins .
The colorful scenic vegetable & fruit markets constantly
remind that spring is not too far .........

Floral Inlay Salad
(Inspired by the Indian floral marble inlay designs)

Sliced guavas & carrots on a cabbage leaf
(Using a flower shape cookie cutter cut out flowers from the centre of sliced
guavas & carrots. Replace the flowers of carrot with guava & vice versa)


  1. These are really pretty. Tasty too I am sure. One question where did you get these cutters?

  2. They do look like fancy, expensive tiles, Smita, very charming.

  3. What a beautiful idea and inspiration ... love the way you put your words too.

  4. really beautiful and decorative salad

  5. a lovely idea!! The flowers look so adorable!!

  6. wow...
    looks very cute and pretty dear :)

  7. Very cute presentation of flowers. Don't know whether to eat them or just admire by looking at them.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  8. Wow gorgeous.. I second Deepa's comment..cos its so beautiful.

  9. OMG-I barely have words for how good these look..:)

    US Masala

  10. Brilliant idea :) amazing buddy :)

  11. very beautiful creation! I will try this one for my little one -- and my big ones - You have an awesome blog - I believe this is my first visit on your blog - Love it!

  12. My daughter could not resist this.

  13. Sweet :) Hey where did you get these cookie cutter? :)

  14. Thanks for the lovely comments buddies.

    @ Varada & Archana - picked up this flower cookie cutter from Crawford market , Mumbai (Check out ur local market also , simple designs like this can often be spotted there too. )

  15. wow the flowers are so cute! n perfect..

  16. These are simply artistic! What a gorgeous photo, great work! This almost looks to good to even eat!

  17. Wow! they look so cute, lovely flower patterns for fruit and veg.

  18. They are so pretty,I am not sure if I can eat them:).I have an award to share with you and your lovely blog .Please accept.

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