Saturday, March 13, 2010

IPL Fever

~ IPL Fever ~
Of Kings & Devils...

The third season of Indian Premier League-
IPL started on 12 th March - n of course it has
gripped my home too . My hubby is a die hard fan
of cricket n my lil one seems to follow her
dad's footsteps . Both are desperately waiting for
Mar 19th - when they would go to the Kotla Stadium
to watch their dream teams playing live . The Odd
One Out ( ahhh thats me!!! ) would be more than
happy to stay at home n take a long cozy nap ...z..z..

This food art is a symbolic representation of
the lion of the - Chennai Super Kings n of course
magical devils of The Delhi Daredevils :)

Lion Kings ( Chennai Super Kings )

Lion Sandwich ( bread , olives, mayo , celery ,
carrot, lettuce) , halved red radish , boiled corn cobs

Wonder Devils (Delhi Daredevils )

Hard boiled egg, tomato, olives, cloves, carrot


  1. Hi
    Cute little players...we are die hard fans of cricket as well..we are watching here in london..whenever India team comes here we buy tickets 12 months before..

  2. Hey Smita,
    Oh how I wish to see Cricket but...We cant see it here and I really really miss it:( Well, on the food front, you are simply outstanding when it comes to creativity...
    Your version of Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Daredevils is really cute:)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Smita....
    amazing............outstanding.............God bless you .

  4. haha.. really cute!! I love the egg version. Might just serve it to my husband today! LOL

  5. Loved ur depiction of the teams. We are a family of cricket lovers. We allot teams and support them. I support Chennai Super kings and waiting in tension for the outcome of the first match today :):) Following u to instantly enjoy ur posts.


  6. Ha ha ha.. thats a very cute representation.. yumm :)

    I am a big fan of cricket and especially T20. So I am enjoying the season as well. :)

  7. The lion looks so cute , love the colorful arrangement . the egg is amazing great for halloween too

  8. Outstanding is all wat i can say for all ur creations !!! Kudos u rock ...

  9. Wonderfully creative!
    Keep it going...

  10. wow~it's amazing


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