Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour-2010

~ Earth Hour - 2010 ~
Saturday 27th March @ 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

The Earth Hour is a global initiative by WWF that aims
to send out the message that we are concerned about
the climate change. It is a call to stand up to get involved
& lead the way towards a sustainable future. Today is
Earth hour so don't forget to turn off the lights n enjoy
the star studded sky or a wonderful candle lit dinner
I pledge to turnoff unused lights & appliances
every day of the year . What abt you ........????

Switch off for our planet ...

Earth shaped sandwich topped with mayo n spinach ,
with cheese crescent n savory star snacks .
( Earth Sandwich- cut 2 bread circles using a circular cookie
cutter or a sharp rimmed bowl . Put a generous layer of
mayo / cheese spread on top , dab a few drops of blue
food color or a few drops of red cabbage juice ( gives
a natural blue color ) & smear to create water like effect.
Cut continents from greens n place on top. cut out a
crescent from a cheese slice to make the moon .)

I'm thrilled to tell u that Little Food Junction
has been featured on the prestigious
Telgu e- newspaper Eenadu (Mar 26, 2010 - Pg7)
Thanks a lot for all your love, support &
motivation friends . ( click here to read )

Event time

I'm happy to send this 5 min magic cake



  1. Wow.. what an innitiative and dipiction. Great going buddy. Will surely be with you and do it throughout the year. :)

  2. great idea just love your blog .
    where are you these days?

  3. innovative and creative...

  4. Superb - excellent depiction of the theme .
    Great to c ur feature too .

  5. Oh I love this!!! You have just inspired me!!! Saturday's my kids make pizza for supper and they will definitely be making an earth hour pizza for our supper tonight...

  6. Simply superb !! Great imagination excellent execution ....

  7. Amazing picturization of the earth and the moon Smitha. Thanks for sharing the picture and also the information about Earth hour. I will try and do my bit!

  8. Awesome awesome Smitha! U rock!!

  9. Fantastic imagination skills....Just awesome

  10. Fantastic work Smitha, congrats dear..

  11. such a cute earth! and the moon is delicious :D
    congratulations on being featured in the newspaper!
    i'll be switching off everything at my place as well.

  12. Super cute sandwich! Love it! We will switch off. I didn't know about that at all.

  13. Amazing presentation....Have to salute ur creativity....Thnks for sharing....

  14. This is so delightful and creative.

  15. Its amazing smitha, very innovative!!!


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