Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to Blogging

~ Back to Blogging ~

Almost after 20 days Little Food Junction is back to
blogging again .Life has been really tough since last
fortnight - Mom and Dad met with an accident - a
speeding motorbike hit them while crossing the road.
The news literally shook me to the core,the thought
of their critical state, injuries and severe blood loss
with miles apart distance and the two hour delay of
flight made every passing minute miserable. Each n
every tear from my eye said "Mom & Dad I love you
more than myself "My silent prayer & tons of prayers
from blogger & facebook buddies, friends n relatives
got answered and almost after 15 days they are towards
speedy recovery. On coming back to Delhi ,I realized
that little Nandika's birthday had passed without any
celebrations. Yet no party at home but her pals at
school surely deserve some treats for her B'day. What
could be better than saying thanks to all the belated
birthday wishes with homemade Choco Lollies .

Choco Wishes

Milk & white chocolate molded on a loli stick n decorated
with colorful sprinkles.

Featured on Child

Would like to share with you that creations from
Little Food Junction have been featured in the
Feb '11 issue of Indian edition of 'Child 'magazine .
A warm thanks to the 'Child' family for the feature .


  1. Sorry to hear about your parents accident but glad t know they'r on way to recovery.
    Love the chocos , I'm sure it would have been a great treat !!

  2. Sorry to hear about your parents accident, good they are coming back to normal and my sincere prayers for them for their speedy recovery.. Sure we missed ur creative posts Smitha. Offcourse these lollies would certainly brightens ur cute little girl and her friends. Anyway belated wishes for her.

  3. extremely sorry Smita to hear about ur parents accident.Any way God is great and they r on their way to recovery.I pray for them may they live very long in the years to come and enjoy every moment of life.
    A very happy birthday to little Nandhika and as usual ur beautiful presentation of the choco lollies which look extremely artisitic and cute.

  4. Prayers for ur parents speedy recovery. Lucky kids to have those lollies even i want them badly..they r tempting me so so much..Keep posting..


  5. we wish a speedy recovery 4 ur parents smitha..:)
    belated bday wishes 2 ur lil one..these lollies look amazing!!

  6. Sorry to hear about ur parents dear.... wish them a speedy recovery...
    Congrats for the feature dear.. those lollies look so superb :)

  7. Sorry to hear about your parents smita..glad to hear about their speedy recovery. The choco lollies are looking too good.

  8. hi smita... glad to hear your parents are recovering, it can be really hard to deal with such things when you parents live a distance away. your blog is looking better than ever... happy belated b'day to the lil one.

  9. Glad to know that mom-dad are recovering speedily now. Take care, God bless you all...

  10. Sorry to hear about your parents but I am glad they are feeling better now. Welcome back

  11. So sorry to hear about your parents accident.I hope they are feeling better.
    And the lollies look yummy!!

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  13. So sorry to hear about your parents' accident. Glad to know they are recovering. Take care.

    Belated b'day wishes to your little one.

  14. Wish your parents a complete and speedy recovery. And your lil princess a belated Happy Birthday.

  15. Smita glasd to know that your parents are on the way to a speedy recovery!
    Welcome back!

  16. Oh so sad to hear that hope your parents should recover well. I knew the pain when our parents face these kind of situations. Nice to see u back again. Belated wishes to u r daughter too.

  17. my wishes to ur parents for speedy recovery and i understand the traumatic period u were in ! the treats look swell- God Bless !

  18. Dear Smita,
    I would like to wish your parents a quick recovery!
    Hope to hear good news soon.
    Hugs, Andreina.

    P.S.: nice lollipops!! :)

  19. Ohhh Gosh! I hope they are feeling better now. Huggs. happy belated birthday Nandika.

  20. Wishing them a speedy recovery Smitha...belated birthday wishes to ur lil one .Good to see you back ..

  21. Oh dear! I am so sorry that ur parents had to suffer so, praying for a speedy and complete recovery Take care of them and of u Be strong.
    Belated b'day wishes to Nandika. God Bless.

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  23. Prayers for your parents recovery. wish to have a lolipop.

  24. What a terrible time you all had..I am so sorry to hear this! Thanks to God, your dad and mum are recovering now. I kow how far away your parents are in critical times...but even if you had lived next door these things can happen.
    Good luck to all of you!
    Greetings from the Netherlands, Mama lieveheersbeestje.

  25. OH!, I did not know about this, sorry to hear about the accident, and of course nice to know they are getting better, I can understand the plight you might have gone through living far away, May the God bless them with good health and soon to a good recovery., Many wishes for the B'day God bless her too.., Best of luck to all of you. In btw lovely lolipops dear

  26. glad to see u back,choco lollies look so good,..

  27. hi smita, i am glad that ur parents r recovering. god will always do good for good people. thank god and belated wishes to ur princess. speedy recovery to ur parents.

  28. Sorry abt your parents but glad to know that they are recovering. how are you keeping?
    Lovely chocolates wish I was Nandika's pal in school.
    Please wish her a "very Happy Birthday"

    take care.

  29. Hi,

    Nice to see you back and so sorry about your parents i am glad they are fully recovered now i can understand how hard that is to see your own parents going through pain..

    Belated chocolate surprise is perfect for everyone..

    belated birthday wishes from my side too


  30. Lovely chocos...
    Hoping your parents will be better soon.....

  31. Mmmm...the lollies are looking gorgeous, cant wait to make some and try. We missed ur posts and hope ur parents are recovering fast. Show them this awesome post of ur and they will feel energized like kids again...cheers !

  32. Hope your parents are feeling better now . Prayers for them.

  33. How awful about your parents accident. You must be relieved that they are doing better now! So glad to hear it.

  34. I'm so sorry to hear about your parents, but am happy that they are on the mend! God bless you all.


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