Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring time

~ The Call of Spring ~

Spring is the nature's way of saying , "Let's party !"
-Robin Williams

Springtime is undoubtedly the most loved time of
the year when the entire world sways to the rhythms
of the heart induced by the beauty of nature .To me
spring is all about taking in the smells of the earth &
frolicking on the lap of nature, its about breathing in
the fragrances of the different types of spring flowers.
The gorgeous fiery array of the most enchanting
conspicuous red roses,scarlet lilies,crimson poppies,
vermillion nasturtiums & dark magenta color gerberas
at a local flower show that I visited recently inspired
me to get a patch of red on my salad plate too ....

Let's paint the plate Red !!!!!!

Sliced red carrot folded as edible flowers.


  1. Your creations leave me speechless ... simply amazing !!!

  2. Cute! Well done, Smita!

  3. I'm falling for the red. Love it :)

  4. beautiful Smitha, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity.

  5. beautifully can't wait for spring
    this looks lovely Smitha

  6. OMg...No words....its amazing...

  7. Can't wait for spring to arrive. Excellent preparation with carrots.
    Hamaree Rasoi

  8. lovely carrot flowers.ur wonderful presentation and artistic talent is shown as usual.

  9. This is absolutely fantabulous Smita ! The carrots are so artistically peeled and folded into lovely flowers. I just love to have carrots and this is an excellent way of putting it up, terrific for the toddlers. Great great great post as always....cheers !

  10. Smita, I somehow missed your blog telling about the accident! I never saw it on my sidebar. I just spotted you on my sidebar now and read all I have missed. I have been wondering about you and why you have not been posting, feared you may be really sick or something. Your parents were BOTH hit? What were their in injuries, how are they? Where do they live, were you able to go to them?

  11. That is SO pretty and tempting!
    Hope ur parents are doing well,pl do update us on that. Best wishes to them.

  12. Hope your parents are doing better. Lovely swirls there. Just love the way you do things. Keep rocking!

  13. Gorgeous clicks and i always adore ur creativity

  14. Lovely your flowers!!
    Here in Rome (Italy) spring seems doesn't want come this year, not yet at least....

  15. Superb flowers. first time here. You have a cool space.

  16. WOW how creative and beautiful!!! I am following u back from the bloghop, thanks for stopping by



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