Sunday, September 26, 2010

Heart pops & LFJ on air

~ My Heart will go on ..~

........ ((())) .........

With World Heart Day being observed today
Little Food Junction gears some yummy
Apple lollies to keep our lil ones happy
n healthy.... 4 Lollies a Day keeps
the Doctor away ..........

Apple Lollies

For the lollies- Core n divide the Apple in
four. Draw a heart or make a heart impression
with a cookie cutter & gently peel off. Soak for 5
mins in lemon water to prevent browning .
Pat dry , top on skewers n serve......

Creations on Air ...
Creations from Little Food Junction ( Zoo Sandwiches)
were aired on 23rd Sep. Recreated @ Mommy on Shoestring
(Chicago Channel WCIU..) Warm thanks to Beth Engelman,
WCIU family & the viewers for liking my creations .


  1. Awww so cute .Congrats ... way to go !!!

  2. Great going !!! So happy for you :) :)

  3. Lollies look sooo cute! Congrats dear!

  4. Hi Smita,

    Lollies look so cute!!And congrats dear!!


  5. congrats Smita just keep rocking.the lollies look very cute and well presented as usual in an artistic way with ur mighty talent.

  6. hey congrats smitha ...its a gr8 achievement..keep rocking dear ..those cute pops looks very beautiful


  7. The sandwichees are adorable!! And I love the apple pops, they would be so easy to make. In fact, all of these are so cute and appeling to children, yet would be so easy and fast for a mom to make, you are a food genius!!

  8. The apple lollies looks awesome! My li'l one loves fruit and am sure these will be a hit :) Thanks for sharing these.

  9. So cute and adorable....

    Pushpa @

  10. smitha you are correct apples everyday keeps the doctor. but i will not have apple, cause my doctor is beautiful.

  11. Absolutely cute and awesome looking lollies..

  12. sooo cute... and waiting for more!!!

  13. a big congrats! Love ur creativity!

  14. Great going, Smita!! Way to go, girl :)

    Hey on a side note, this week is being celebrated as "Joy of Giving Week". Check out details on and see how you can help... Thanks a bunch :)

  15. Way to go girl! I am so loving that heart pops. For a minute I thought it was baby radish but it not. How creative, as always.
    Hearty Congrats!


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