Thursday, September 2, 2010

Krishna Ashtmi

~ Happy Krishna Ashtmi ~

Krishna Ashtmi , commonly known as
Janama Ashtmi is the popular Indian festival
to celebrate the birth of the Lord Krishna.
This popular Indian deity is often depicted as
a young boy with flute in hand and a colorful
peacock feather as a headgear . Thousands of
devotees fast on this day and several sweets
n savories are prepared to mark the festivities .

Little Food Junction wishes all a very Happy
Janamashtmi .Todays food art is a depiction
of His famous flute n Peacock feather , the
edible art way ...................

Symbols & Substance

Feather- Green chutney ( sauce/dip) with cucumber
(slice & juliennes) ,carrot & bell pepper .
Flute - french fries adorned with tomato sauce drops
& cucumber juliennes.

My Little Krisna (from Aug-'09 post)


Award Time

I'm beaming with joy , our creation Leaf
collage Birdie is the first winner at the
Thanks a lot to Shruti , the Sponsor (bits of
chocolate ) & all of you for liking &
voting for our creations :) :) :) :)


  1. Love the peacock feather you have created. Lovely!
    Happy Janmashtami to you.

  2. :) The next one is up. I'm sure u are going to love this.

  3. Happy Krishna Ashtmi!
    Love the peacock feather!!

  4. Congrats Smitha!

    Love the peacock feather and the cute Krishna you have created!

  5. Congradulations on your award, Smita, you really deserve it!! I'm just loving the peacock feather, it is my favorite!! I love the colors. And the french fries for the flute, those are the prettiest fries I've ever seen!!! Your food is all just stunning!! You really are a true artist. How do your think of these ideas and where do you come up with them? I'm hoping to try some of these on the four year old we babysit, and my four year old granddaughter, as well.

  6. Wish you a very happy Janmashtami too :) Lovely decoration. classic as ever. You are always the best at it. :)

    Congratssss on winning dear. You simply rock :)

  7. Ciao Smita ! Your creations are sensational ! Too beautiful to eat !!

  8. u always come up with such awesoem ideas,..;-)

  9. Wow simply loved the cute krishna and the peacock feather. Congrats on your well deserved win !!

  10. simply beautiful the peacock and little krishna!!! love it!!! congrats dear!!

  11. congrats smitha ....little krishna is very cute n beautiful the flute ,happy krishnashtami dear to u n ur family


  12. Hello Smita,
    You visited my blog recently so I wanted to come and see yours ;) Your food creations are incredible! They look too good to eat! You have a wonderful blog.

  13. oh such adorable krishna would be hard to eat. Loved both your chotu krishna and his feather , such creativity I am amazed.

  14. Fantastic Smitha!! I think you can present just about anything on earth (or above:-) in the form of food!! I struggled hard when my son had to make something out of a vegetable and take to school. He took one barely presentable one:-)

  15. Love the peacock feather you have created. I love the thought process you have....also loads of thanks for the ONAM book display. i have messages from people who have downloaded them and used it.. through your site.

  16. congs samitha for award
    ur creation is really marvelious both krishna and feather is beautiful

  17. Congrats Smita. And your little Krishna and all the detail is fabulous!


  18. Congrats Smita....I love your little krishna !
    so you are all over the world:)

  19. Hey, loved your Krishna and the peacock feather.. .


    Hope you had a great time :)


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