Saturday, September 12, 2009

The rain garden

~ The Rain Garden ~

'Rain on the green grass And rain on the tree

And rain on the housetop But not upon me .'

-from Rain by Bethany Roberts

I simply love the rainy season for its cool showers

n lovely drenched greens. While my daughter looks

out of the window to all those pretty flowers

in the garden,I try to light up the dreary

rainy days and her little plate

with some fresh edible ones..

Flower Power

Tomato, olives n peas

onion, pepper corns, saffron strands n curry leaves

cucumber, mixed green salad (peas, corn, green chick peas)



  1. WOW! my 1st here,must say your blog is colorful,beautiful and very yummy......too good to eat.Way to go!!!

  2. First of all Congrats to U for getting "Lovely Blog Award". It's a very nice and colorful blog. I came to know about this blog through the article published in Vasundhara of EEnadu News Paper.


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