Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sesame Street

~ Happy B'Day Sesame Street ~

Nothing can define entertainment better than the
kids favorite program - Sesame Street . The longest
running children's program in the world celebrates
its 40th B' Day ( premiered on Nov 10,1969).
The model urban community in which the world is
presented to its preschool audience with lovable
characters , songs n dance remains the most
influential n educative classic till this date ........
Kids would surely love this Sesame Street platter !!!!

Three is a Company !!

Baby Elmo

Bread , spinach, radish,tomato, olive peas n mayo

The Big Bird

Crepes, radish, olive, peas, mustard n corn

Little Ernie

Bread, mayo, shredded carrot, tomato sauce,
spinach, radish, olive n peas

(The Indian Version of Sesame Street is known as Gali Gali Sim Sim )


  1. its really good... well done :)

  2. not only kids, even me as an adult feels fun looking at them!

  3. I LOVE this! Happy birthday Sesame Street - wonderful way to celebrate.

  4. Deeply appreciate all the lovely comments !!!
    I'm glad that u all liked my new creation !!!!

  5. Smita dear, you're really creative! Love the cartoon charactors LOL. Btw, I have left something for you in my blog. Please feel free to drop by to pick it up. Thank you! Cheers.

  6. Dear My Little Space -
    Thanks a lot for liking my creations and nominating me for the Creative Blogger award . I'd love to collect the the award from ur blog ....

    Smita @LFJ

  7. hi smita,love your blog, very creative and inspiring

  8. Thanks Rahin ! hope to c u here again .

  9. Hey this seems very tasty food and I have never tried like this food before, Thanks for sharing such a nice creation :-)


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