Monday, November 16, 2009

Lion King

~ The Lion King ~

Yesterday while watching a Nat Geo documentary
on the African Safaris , a fruity idea clicked my mind....
So today I picked up a ripe juicy pineapple and
created this fruity apple pineapple king !!
And Lol ! the best part - My 15 mins of hard
worked vanished in jus 5 mins !!

Grrrrrr !!!

Pineapple slices, apple , gherkins , olives n sprinkles

To see ones creations published on other sites is surely
the biggest joy for a blogger .This month creations
from Little Food Junction were seen on the following
sites.Thanks to all the site owners n admins for
liking my Food Art . N all the followers n viewers
for their support n motivation . on Nov 11th

by Cassi of Crafty Crow fame on
kidsstylefile on Oct 30th

Food Askew
Food Askew on Oct 16th, 23rd n 30th

World Animal Day


  1. The lion is so cuuuuuuuuute ,
    I love his mane !!! Wata creativ idea n vv fruity indeed .
    Also congrats for online publication of ur wrks !!!

  2. Congrats dear...Cute and beautiful creations...

  3. hey this is great... u are geting views and postings as well...congrats!!

    btw ur custurd was amazing.. honestly i was mouth watreing....really tempting...


  4. Hello, Smita.

    I would like to thank you for your really great Food Art!
    I'll continue to follow your blog :)

    PS: It's amazing, that you could find my little blog FunZoo.Ru in the big russian segment of the Internet. The world is a small globe :)

    Leo, site admin of

  5. Thanks for putting in ur kind words Saumya, Tina n Manya.

    @ Leo - Thanks for liking my creations Leo , hope to c u here again !!

  6. WOw thats cute decor.. smitha you have wonderful creativity. I showed some to my son her really loved it. Keep going. Drop in my blog when you find time.



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