Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Time -5

~ Christmas Time- 5 ~

Christmas is all about love , joy n giving.
The joyous expressions of the lil ones while they
open their gifts is surely the most cherished moment
of the Christmas morning . My all time favorite song
inspired me to this heart shaped Holiday theme breakfast !!

Christmas is all in the Heart

Heart shaped brown bread, mayo, scrambled eggs,
olive, cherry tomato, snack sticks/ pretzels , oranges

I Love ( Heart ) trees

Heart shaped brown bread, mayo, fried egg,
tomato star n finely chopped dill.


  1. WOW !!!! All the creations are so cute . Such a lovely depiction of the sun .
    Kudos Smita u really rock !!!!

  2. That suun looks very cute. Nice round shape.

  3. i am as usual impressed wit your artistry

    my one is only 2 years old now, surely it will be exciting to try them for my angel in the coming months


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