Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Sun Festival

~ The Sun Festival ~

The Sun Festival or Makar Sankranti is one
of the most auspicious festivals of India. This harvest
festival marks the entry of the sun to the Northern
Hemisphere and is a symbol of prosperity n growth.
In the evening friends and family get together and
have a bonfire . Gajaks n rewri ( sesame seed cookies ) ,
Popcorns , Sweetened Rice flakes, Jaggery ,Roasted
potatoes are the main delicacies of this festival .
(Also known as Pongal or Lohri in some parts of the country)

Ode to the Sun God

Gram flour chilla (crepe) - small papads ( fryums)
spinach, red bell pepper , whole black pepper

Bonfire on my plate !

A closer look :-
Julienned Carrots n bell pepper , roasted potatoes scooped
n filled with curd / tomato dip, popcorns

A very warm thanks to Sailaja Damodaran of
for this wonderful -Beautiful Blogger Award !!
Its surely an encouragement n really drives me
towards more creations .


  1. Wow!!! a bonfire that u can eat!!! :) Love the sun god!

    Hey i'm having a artsy-craftsy challenge at my blog.. just see if u are interested.

  2. A great work... you are so creative:)

  3. lovely creative and artistic and talented.Your creations r beautiful.

  4. Very beautiful creation n v artistically shot also . The pot is so cute, OMG u have made the handle n spoon in it also - tooooooo goood !!!!
    The pic truly reps harvest !!!

  5. I absolutely LOVED your blog! First time here and I think you are really artistic.

  6. very interesting to see,nice decoration

  7. Lovely creation smitha... cute one I really miss my place at this time...Have wonderful festival. Happy pongal.


  8. Very cute and gorgeous presentations.

  9. Hi Smita,

    thank you so much for visting my blog! Your lovely comments are very appreciated... and I'm happy I found your place! Your creations look phantastic and must taste so as well - as they are made withs lots of love :-) I will check back often! P.S. your little one looks too cute!

  10. Wow you are so creative, artistic and talented... awesome..

    Happy Pongal !!!

  11. Hi Smita, I am from Turkey.Thank you of your interest of my food blog. As soon as possible I will add by blog google translate if you visit of my blog you can understand.I am flower of your blog.See you.Mine

  12. I just love reading and seeing your blog! You do such nice work!

  13. I would like to take the time to congratulate you on a job well done with this blog.

    I have finished my review of "Little Food Junction" and I'm happy to announce your blog has been added to Blogging Women.

    A big thank you for submitting your blog to our women's blog directory and I wish you continued success.

  14. Blog looks really great with absolutely stunning photos.Fantastic photography dear!!
    Added u to my blog roll.
    Check out mine sometime

  15. I really loved this pot... its mouthwatering...

  16. Thanks for visiting n putting in such lovely words of appreciation ladies .

  17. Seems like the odd man out , following the blog
    but who cares, love the creativity...

  18. Your little princess is so enjoy all of these edible arrangements..I am so very sure she must not be a fussy eater...with lots of variety..

  19. Love your work ! :) keep sharing ...


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