Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An apple a day

~ Apples :the Next Superfruit ~
( A preview to Washington Apples)

How many times have we heard the old Welsh saying-
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" truly the number
would be uncountable for most of us .

Flowery Apple Salad

Slices of Red Delicious Apple sandwiched with fresh green spinach
& topped with some vanilla honey , fresh lime juice & raisins .

Apples are one of the most relished fruit in our diets today. The
disease fighting profile of apples provides a multitude of health
benefits right from teeth, gum & bone protection to reducing
one's risk for age related cancers , heart disease and cognitive
illness. Owing to their versatile flavors Apples are great for
salads, baking , cooking, snacking or eating right out of
hand. To get the full nutritional benefits associated with
apples at least one should be eaten every day.......

Washington Apples - No other Apple comes so close

Washington Apples are known worldwide for their wonderful
taste & crispness . Few days back the company called out for
a media & food bloggers meet at The Oberoi for an exclusive
display and tasting session of the seven varieties of the
Washington Apples for the first time in India with
Ms Rebecca Baerveldt Lyons from the Washington
Apples Commission.

The date of the event coincided with my daughter's annual
function coz of which I was unable to make it ,but the Washington
Apple Commission India office was kind enough to send me
all the information on the varieties & usage along with a
gift box of the samples .

The colorful varieties of apples set my creative juices a fire ... the crisp
& juicy divinities were perfect to be relished as snack or turn
into a cool summer salad . Their mellow flavors & juicy inner flesh
could not resist me from some healthy baking too ......

Apple Muffins

Apple muffins ( used Granny Smith & Fuji for baking) topped
with Red delicious, Granny Smith & Golden delicious

Major Varieties

The mild, aromatic n distinctive flavors of each of the varieties
made it difficult for us to choose the favorite , each of the
seven pampered our taste buds unanimously .

I bet you'l have to pick up some wonderful Washington Apple
to know how the juicy Red Delicious, Tangy Granny Smith,
Crisp Galas, Aromatic Braeburn, blushing Cripps pink,
tender Golden Delicious & sweet Fujis taste like ......
The crunchy flavor of these tasteful divinities will leave you
craving for some more of tangy juicy healthy & above all a
guilt free snack.

To know more about the goodness of Washington Apples ,
wonderful Apple recipes & tons of apple info visit their site


  1. very nice information about apples..perfect pictures..

  2. Mind blowing pictures with great information . Nvr heard abt Vanilla honey , is it commonly available in the indian market ???

  3. Great info with pics...Thanks for sharing..

  4. Lovely pictures smitha.. beautifully done.

  5. yummy...it's look delicious, smitha....

  6. What a beautiful salad Smita !!!

  7. Wow..that looks awesome and wonderful...

  8. What you have done is so simple, yet beautiful!

  9. Valuable information about apples. Nice.

    Hamsamalini Chandrasekaran,

  10. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am enjoying yours as well. You are so creative!

  11. Wonderful pictures...lovely post.

  12. luv the clicks nd the salad nd muffin too,..;-)

  13. Smita, the apple muffins are looking out of the world, they are too good to be even eaten away... !

  14. Ah, love to see that my home state is getting around!! I once read that WA states exports the best apples and leaves us with the less desirable ones. Are apples popular in India? Do they grow there? I don't remember seeing them when I visited (but that was over 10 years ago, I may have forgotten.)

  15. Great information and such lovely pics. You have a nice blog out here... Thanks for visiting me and for your nice words. Following you :)

  16. First time here and love your blog. A sure kid pleaser one.

  17. une recette originale une pomme en salade c'est une belle gourmandise et joliment présentée j'ai aimé ta version j'en prends note et merci
    bonne journée

  18. fantastic post Smitha...thankz for sharing...awesome clicks..:)
    Tasty Appetite

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  21. That flowery apple salad looks and sounds amazing!! Thanks for the good information. I agree Washington apples are the best!!

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