Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mouse Dip

~ The Pink Mouse Dip ~

My little one & I are die hard fans of trying all the
new veggies , fruits n grains in the market .Right
from unusual, uncommon or exotic fruits & veggies
to the most rustic ones we are always adventurous
with our new finds. While crossing a local farmers
market on the outskirts of my parents hometown , I
noticed these deep purplish red potatoes called
Nawabganji Aaloo (potatoes of Nawabganj) in the
local dialect. I had heard a lot about red potatoes from
US bloggers , but had never been able to find these
red tubers here in my local vegetable market .

The farmer was generous in sharing his knowledge
about the rare variety . Back home -The first thing
we did was to boil n mix it to a bowl of fresh yogurt
to make a lovely pinkish potato dip ......

The Pink Mouse Dip

Carrots, olives , Grated Boiled Red Potatoes mixed with
curd & seasoned with salt & a pinch of garlic- mint powder .

Red Potatoes

Raw, Sliced n boiled red potatoes .

Event Time - Glad to send it to Food Palette Series Pink,


  1. This is so cute! Beautiful photography too :-)

  2. Wow that looks super cute smita... very creative.

  3. Healthy and super cute mousse dip..

  4. Cute looking mouse... yummy dip...

  5. Hi Smita,
    Very creative! The red potatoes here in the US just have red peel and they have exactly same inside as any other potato. But undoubtedly they are more healthy than others.

  6. very nice clicks...always you are giving children's special..great idea...

  7. Red potatoes are hard to find here. Beautiful clicks

    Hamaree Rasoi

  8. beautiful pink dip cute presentation
    do check the event in my site

  9. So cute. Love this if you serve me veggies like this I will eat them all the time. I promise.

  10. thank you for linking this delicious dip

  11. How really cute!! I have never heard of dip made from potatoes, but we do dip potatoes in dip!! We love red potatoes! They are great for roasting or boiling for potato salad.

  12. dip looks delicious,..:-)
    luv the click too,..

  13. sooooo cute:) looks fantastic!

  14. Healthy and super cute mousse dip..

  15. very nice presentation. looks tempting.

  16. Looks absolutely yummy n tempting...super cool presentation...very Cute..
    Hey dear I saw ur comments while moderating my comment section...sorry dear for replying late....quote of life-better late than never...u hv a wonderful space down here..hope to hear from u soon...

  17. Smitha, i don't think I've visited your site, or if I have not often enough! plan to change that! you are wonderfully creative and I guess your profession kinda eases into your creative thinking as a chef too :) Awesome - following you if I am not already doing so!


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