Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

~ Happy Fathers Day ~

Little Food Junction wishes all the Fathers round the
globe a very Happy Fathers Day .

The breezy morning today is filled with an enchanting
smell of lavender n citrus, my little one has sprayed her
dad's (actually her own) favorite room sprays all over
the house. Days ahead she had been planning for some
celebrations. My little cook wanted to prepare breakfast
for papa(since its fathers day mommy is allowed to help
in the kitchen..lols)- We've fixed up some shirt/tuxedo
sandwiches to add to the merriment of the occasion.
A tiny little fruity no cook dessert is chilling in the
refrigerator to follow .....

Shirts for Breakfast

Brown bread , cheese, tomato sauce & garden fresh salad.

Chill Time

Homemade Mango Jelly in recycled pet bottle moulds
(lil one's idea -after using similar moulds for creating
fancy sand flowers at the sand pit)

Quick Fruit Jelly recipe - Ingredients- 1 cup thick mango
pulp ,1-2 tsp powder sugar (adjust according to the
sweetness of mango), 1/2 tsp vegan gelatin , cherries
to garnish.

Method- Blend the powder sugar with pulp and
keep aside. Soak gelatin in a 1tbsp of normal water
for 2 mins. Dissolve gelatin on a double boiler & add
to the mango pulp till well incorporated. Pour into
moulds & cover with a cling wrap. Refrigerate
for 5-6 hrs. Unmold & garnish with a cherry.


  1. What father wouldn't just love this? Glad to see you back, it's been a long time!

  2. Lovely! :) n pet bottle moulds is a great idea :) Love to N.

  3. An awesome celebration by ur lil one, Fathers day wishes to ur dad. Check my post - dedication to my father and father-in-law.

  4. Perfect dad treats! All so lovely, as usual here on your beautiful blog! :)

  5. These are so cute..You are really creative dear!!

  6. Woww they looks stunning and cute..

  7. Wow these looks really very cute... first time here you have a very beautiful and cute recipe collections sure shot winner with kids.

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    AWED_ Mexican

  8. Aww, such a sweet dedication to her father. Loved the cute shirt sandwiches and the mango jelly too.

  9. These are so cute! Im in love with the shirt sandwiches :) And the mango jelly - simply superb!


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