Monday, July 11, 2011

Tiffin Tunes

~ Three Little Birds ~

I have grown up hearing Bob Marley's eternal
optimistic melody - Three Little Birds & totally
admire its beautiful lyrics. 'Don't worry about a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right ....' The
musical version of this song by Connie Talbot is my
little one's all time favorite . Got an idea of making
this song inspired tiffin while watching the video a
couple of days back .....

Song in my Tiffin

Birds- Savory Lentil balls decorated with cheese, capsicum
corn & carrot to resemble a penguin, a chick & a green
billed toucan . Served with garden fresh salad
& some saffron flavored kheer (Indian milk dessert ).


  1. This is so adorable! I love "Three Little Birds" too!

  2. 10/10 for cute factor. I wonder if I will have the heart to actually eat it? The checkerboard apple in the back ground also looks great.

  3. oh my goodness..every creation of urs is simply superb did u get that checkered pattern on egg?

  4. so cute and adorable..very nicely put together!

  5. Complimenti il tuo blog è bellissimo!!!!
    Ti seguo, perchè così imparo tante cose!!!
    Se ti fa piacere passa a trovarmi.

  6. Woww.. they are so cute.. I cant wait to have them.. :D

  7. Hi.. Dropping in from Colours Dekor.. This is so unbelievably COOL!!! Totally totally cool.. What creativity Smita.. :) Following you now, lot to read and see here.. :)

  8. Super creative. I read about your blog at Colours Dekor and hopped on to your blog straight away.Your foody treats are amazing.

  9. Loveeeeeeeeeeeee it !!! Ur simply amazing .....

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  10. Iam totally "wowed" with your Blog ! Beautiful art and creativity that are "must" for any kid to make him eat. Keep up your good work Smita !


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