Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Muffin roses

~ Roses for Mom ~

It's your birthday ,Mom So i will raise a cheer.
Without you my special,loving mom, I would not be here.
-from I owe it all to Mother by Karl Fuchs

Little ones are always finding reasons for sweet sugary
treats and birthdays are the perfect time for such indulgence.
Mom & I live towns apart hence every year birthday wishes
just happen on phone .Since little one was craving for some
sugary stuff her tiny brain started baiting for excuses.
" Momma why don't you bake some lovely stuff n
click n make it into a card for grandma" she said.I
could clearly understand her hidden intentions(once the
pics are clicked all the booty would be hers) !!!!

Still I innocently agreed to her so called wonderful
idea & baked some banana choco chip muffins in my
rose shaped muffin molds. ....the pic has turned into a card
for my mom while the muffins are waiting to satisfy her
clamoring sweet tooth once shes back from school .
Ahhh Childhood !!!

Banana & Chocochip Muffins

Ingredients- 100 gms flour, 100 gms butter , 100 gms
powdered sugar, 2 eggs, 1tsp vanilla ess, 2 mashed bananas,
1tsp baking powder, 50 gm chocolate chips.

Method- Sieve flour & baking powder & keep aside.
In a large bowl beat butter& sugar till light & fluffy .
Gradually add egg one by one. Mix in essence & gently
fold in the flour . Finally add the mashed bananas &
choco chips. Pour into muffin cups & bake in a
preheated oven at 180C for 25- 30 mins .
Cool n serve.


  1. They are smart kids and we are Moms waiting for an excuse to bake, so works both ways, right?? Lovely muffin roses Smitha, they look very pretty...Nice to see a recipe here, hope there are more to come!

  2. wow Smitha they luks so cute and delicious...hope ur little one enjoyed it:)

  3. Ha ha what a great excuse to bake ..truly kids will be kids !! BTW the muffins look so so beautiful, look forward to more such posts .

  4. Oh i forgot to mention I have never tried banana muffins.There are a few over ripe banans lying in my kitchen so heading off to bake some for my boys \*_*/

  5. wow so cute and yummy rose muffins .. looks so beautiful ... Thanks for sharing ........ following u .......

  6. HI,

    You have a lovely blog. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful recipes.
    Visit me at smart-snacks.blogspot.com

  7. So pretty! another awesome post from you :)

  8. wow...so cute muffin roses...perfectly baked one!!

  9. verrrrrrrrrrrrry cute and adorable and droolworthy muffins.
    indu srinivasan
    kattameetha theeka.blogspot.com

  10. Lovely Muffins.. where did you get those moulds from..would love to get few of those...

  11. awesome. Kids know how to twist their mothers round their little pink pinkies!
    Do check out my event and send me your entries.

  12. Wow they looks so cute and wonderful idea

  13. Oh..what lovely muffin molds! And the bakes look beautiful with lovely texture.

  14. Thanx for all the kind words :)
    @ Indulge- picked these molds from Crawford market in Mumbai . I think similar stuff (not individual cups but a muffin tray ) is available at Wilton too .

  15. wow!! those are awesomest biscuits i have seen in my life :)

  16. Wow......your rose muffins turned out beautiful. Reminds me to use my rose muffin pan that I bought long ago,

  17. I love the shape of the muffins... all rosie rose :)

  18. If you give a mom a muffin,
    She'll want a cup of coffee to go with it :) Too good !

  19. So pretty, and looks so yummy! Ummm.... I think i'm going to get that cupcake mold

  20. They look beautiful!!
    Greetings from Chile

  21. Thank you so very much Smita for this lovely recipe. These muffins were the best I've tasted & my family & extended family loved them too. Have featured this recipe on my blog and linked it back to ur blog! Pls do check when time permits.

    Shireen Sequeira
    Ruchik Randhap (Delicious Cooking)

  22. Just letting you know that I stopped by your blog today from the 'In The Nestwork' site.

    Have a nice weekend mate!

  23. Ma che belle! e devono essere anche buone!! Ciao ciao ^^

  24. wow ths s pretty and yummy...become mad on ths design

  25. First time here,glad to follow you.Please do drop at my space.Muffin looks so cute and yummy.

  26. Wish you and your family and blessed and a happy Diwali. Warm Regards Susan

  27. It looks so beautiful.I have just started to follow you and I am especially interested in muffin roses because my name means rose :)and at the first opportunity I want to try.

  28. These muffins are so...good looking :)

  29. Oh Smita,I'm smitten by your blog.Why didn't I discover you before? I have two picky eaters to feed and having a time.these might just be the thing to lure them.Are you on twitter? love to follow you on that

  30. hello.. what happened to you? far from blogging for long time.. awaiting to see your posts

  31. Very tempting muffins dear..love the rose deign:)

    Taste of Saras Kitchen

  32. These are beautiful! What a wonderful idea. Thank you! I have a very picky eater (my almost 10 year old son) so I look forward to exploring your blog for fun and delicious ideas. These look like the perfect Mother's Day gift!

  33. Have linked to this post on http://varadasharma.com/2012/02/happy-rose-day/... Check it out..



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