Thursday, October 18, 2012


~ Healthy Halloween ~

Halloween is incomplete without  adding fun to food . 
During this time of the year when kids are sinking their teeth into 
junk foods, calorie and artificial color laden desserts and whackiest 
candies wouldn't it would be wonderful to give a twist to their 
 treats with some Boolicious Spooky Oats Apple  Spiders . 
Just a few slices of apples, black grapes/ berries  & Strawberry
 flavored Quaker Oats is all thats needed to add some Halloween 
goodness and lots of fun to their breakfast !!!! 

Itsy Bitsy Oatsy Spider 

Strawberry flavored Quaker Oats , 2 black grapes/ berries, few apple slices .

While the rest of the world is gearing for Halloween , India 
is gearing up for the festival season too . Check out my recipes and
 photographs - Sweet Surprises in the October issue of Child 
magazine India (Pg 70 -74 and  also some Ethnic Entree on Pg 50) 


Questions?? Comments !! Its a pleasure to hear from you :) :)


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