Tuesday, October 30, 2012


~ Healthy Halloween~

Halloween brings out the kid in all of us. Funky costumes, crazy 
decorations , colorful marketplaces and tons of treats -everything 
just looks out of some story tale. No doubt Halloween  the most fun
yet scary time of the year . With all the trick o treat fun, comes a scary 
 overdose of artificial colors  and sugar laden candies causing cavities.

Hungry ghouls and goblins would surely love to munch on these 
 sandwiches without actually losing out on fun. Just a few ingredients 
and you are ready to scare away your kiddos sugar cravings with 
these easy to make cutie treats .......make sure to prepare these in 
advance so that  you can fill the lil tummies  with lots of whole 
grain and veggies before they hit the streets to trick or treat. 

Funky Frankenstein 

Turn a simple sandwich into cute green monster Frankenstein 
sandwiches.... What about pairing the fun with a ghosty egg ???

Spread some mayo, bread spread or flavored cheese spread on a slice
 of bread. Lay some cucumber ribbons and top with slices of carrot , 
olive, pea , and red bell  pepper ( for mouth). Use cheese and nachos to
 make teeth , scar and hair respectively. Draw some funky features 
on a hard boiled egg andf let the fun begin.

Juicy Jack- o - Lantern 

This adorable Jack o lantern sandwich is easy  to make  and frightfully
 fun to eat ... pair it up with an eyeball egg n let the voodoo begin.

Spread some mayo, bread spread or flavored cheese spread on a slice
 of bread. Lay some carrot ribbons and top with some beet and cilantro.
Draw a scary eyeball and veins  on a hard boiled egg and let the fun begin.

Yummy Mummy 

Yummy mummy starts as a simple slice of bread but slowly slowly 
takes shaaaaape of a MUMMeeeeeeehhhhhhh  !!!!!!!!! Add more 
fun and life by serving with a zombie egg......

Spread some hummus, pesto  or flavored cheese spread on a slice
 of bread. Lay carrot & olive eyes & top with radish  ribbons . Draw 
some zombie features on a hard boiled egg n get ready to cast a spell. 


Some unshelled hard boiled eggs & colorful food markers &  is 
all that you need to make this lil Halloween edible craft. 

Have a wonderful Boolicious Halloween .......full of fun & frights .


  1. Holy cow !!! These are the cutest halloween treats .. Jus love it

    xoxo Jessy

  2. haha.. Really really cute! Shared them on my page

  3. Too good!! Looks like a lot of fun Smitha, I am going to make the open sandwiches with Zoey :D

  4. These are the cutest monsters I have ever seen. Can't wait to make these with Sam. :)

  5. Very creative ...and the egg crafts look amazing!

  6. Congratulations! This is this week's Bento of the Week!!!

  7. I enjoy reading this story, thanks for posting it.


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