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Dips ......

~ Hearty Hummus ~ 
(Let the kids  dip , eat , lick as much a they can!!

The sudden boom in the international cuisine and the  doting multi 
cuisine  menus of cities' famous restaurants and food joints has 
given the gourmets a perfect excuse to pamper their taste buds 
with varied gastronomical delights. A beautiful appreciation and warm 
welcome towards  these  new flavors from friends and families , easy
 availability of ingredients have made the new aroma and  flavors an
integral part of our home cooked menus too. The best part of cooking
 at home is you have the reins of  customization in your hands . 

As per Wiki- Hummus is a Middle Eastern and Arabic food dip made from
cooked , mashed chickpeas blended with sesame paste , olive oil , lemon
 juice , salt and garlic. 

Hummus is my favorite dip !!! The rustic nutty flavor pairs
beautifully with pita chips,crackers, crudities , bread sticks, potato 
crisps ,fritters,  our very own humble banana chips and mathris ( fried 
Indian crackers) too . A wonderful spread of this on to regular 
sandwiches , wraps ( roti too) with some garden fresh veggies is a
wonderful treat to our taste buds. And the best part of this dip is that 
kids  can dip , eat , lick , slurp as much a they can for its high protein , 
high fiber and low fat  too !!!!

Red Pepper Hummus 

Ingredients- 1 cup boiled chick peas ( chole/ garbanzo beans) , 2 large red 
 bell peppers , 2 tsp white sesame seeds ( til), 1/4 cup water/chick pea water
 ( left after boiling ), 2-3 garlic cloves,1/4 tsp cayenne pepper ( or kashmiri mirch 
powder ) 2 tsp lemon juice, some sumac (opt - for sprinkling )
1 tsp olive oil , salt to taste. 

1. Roast the bell peppers on open flame till black and  charred , wrap in a damp
 kitchen towel and keep aside for 5-6 mins.  Peel the black skin and keep aside. 
2. Blend together chickpeas, roasted bell peppers and sesame till smooth (keep 
mixing and  adding some pea water for easier grinding) 
3. Mix in salt , cayenne powder, lemon juice ,  olive oil and whip again. 
4. Place in a serving bowl , drizzle some olive oil .Sprinkle sumac 
and  1/4 tsp sesame seeds (opt)
5. Garnish with some slices of red chillies  (achari mirch). 

( the traditional way )

Tahini or sesame seeds paste is an integral part of the traditional recipe , 
I always love to make my own version ( by grinding  together 1 cup lightly 
toasted sesesame seeds with 2 tbsp olive oil and some salt till smooth) but 
often just replace it with sesame seeds for a chunkier taste.

1 cup boiled chick peas ( chole/ garbanzo beans) ,  1 tbsp tahini ( or 2 tsp
 sesame seeds), 1/4 cup water/chick  pea water  ( left after boiling ), 2-3 garlic
 cloves, 2 tsp lemon juice, some sumac and zahtar (opt - for sprinkling )
 1 tsp olive oil , salt to taste. 


1. Blend together chickpeas& tahini  till smooth (keep mixing / adding some
 chickpea water for easier grinding) 
2. Mix in salt , lemon juice and whip for another 30 secs. 
3. Place in a serving bowl , drizzle olive oil and sprinkle 
 sumac , zahtar and  1/4 tsp sesame (opt)
4. Garnish with a sprig of parsley and some boiled chickpeas. 

 So next time you soak some chickpeas for making  chole ..... don't forget to 
go international with this dip !!!! 


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