Sunday, March 31, 2013


~ Easter -2 ~

May the spirit of the Easter fill your lives with love, 
peace and joy of spring ..

Little Food Junction wishes all its readers a very Happy Easter !!
The beauty and vibrance of spring has enveloped the entire atmosphere,
budding leaves , blooming aromatic flowers , sweet wind and buzzing
 bees and butterflies beautifully reflect the picturesque aura of spring . 
The beauty of spring is not just confined to outdoors , the warm sunny 
days fill the Indian markets with various seasonal goodies too -
 strawberries, cape gooseberries ( rasbhari), figs, jujubes (ber) , 
grapes-a riot of color and flavors adds a perfect zing to 
the seasonal produce.

Berry Bees .....

Cape gooseberries ( rasbhari), blanched and split Almonds, peanut butter n 
candy eyes (I made my own with royal icing and choco chips- pipe drops of 
royal  icing on a   acetate/ ohp  sheet , place a choco chip on each 
and leave to set overnight ) In absence of candy eyes - use some tiny mint 
holes with choco chips .
Make tiny slits on both the sides of the cape goosberries and top
 on a skewer.  Insert in the almond halves in the slits. Using some
 peanut butter stick the eyes .


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family. The bees look too cute.

    1. Thanks . A very happy easter to u & ur family too :)

  2. Very innovative !!
    We don't get capeberries here , pl could u suggest some substitute .

    Thanks xoxo

    1. Jessy u can substitute it with any yellow berries, yellow heirloom tomatoes, mini kumquats, yellow raspberries.
      Scooped balls of melon, mango or yellow watermelon would also work well.

  3. Eye catchy.. foods are so decorative.. Keep up the work :)


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