Sunday, March 10, 2013


~ Baked Noodles ~ 

Fusion cooking is the most wonderful part of cooking at home . 
Often with sudden guests around we tend to experiment with the 
available ingredients  and come up with a new version of the
 recipe that is much different to  its traditional counterpart. 

Some friends of lil one had come over and she wanted me to treat the 
tiny palates with some baked spaghetti ..... ' Sure honey ' - I said and 
walked towards the kitchen . Took out some tomatoes,  broccoli n
 cheese from the refrigerator and some spaghetti from the larder ....
Spaghetti !!! where is the spaghetti ?????? 

Ah the essential ingredient was out of stock .... The kids had already salivated
 their taste buds for the upcoming meal and thus changing the menu was not a
 great idea thus with a little tweak in the recipe instant noodles came to my rescue.

Some instant noodles, lots of veggies and a few eggs  was all that I needed
to fill my house with peals of laughter. 

Baked Noodles 

Serves 4 
(Can be made in a large baking dish or 4 individual bowls / ramekins ) 
Ingredients - 2 packs instant noodles(Maggi) ,5 large tomatoes, 1 small beet
 ( chopped) , 1 small onion finely chopped , 3-4 flakes crushed garlic,
1 cup mixed veggies (chopped  bell peppers and olives, blanched broccoli,
corn n carrots) ,1 tbsp tomato ketchup,  2 tbsp grated cheese (opt)
 4 eggs, salt,  pepper n oregano to taste 

- Blanch the tomatoes , peel dice and coarsely grind along with chopped beet . 
-Heat 2 tsp oil in a pan add in crushed garlic, 1/2 tsp oregano and chopped
 onions ,saute till onions turn pink. Mix in ground tomatoes and salt 
Cook till the water evaporates and is thick and sauce like.
-Boil the noodles ( without the tastemaker) in plenty of water  and a
few drops of oil till just coked ( make sure not to overcook it) . Drain .
-Mix the boiled noodles to the prepared tomato sauce along with veggies 
ketchup and some black pepper .
-Divide the noodle mix into 4 greased ramekins (or a large baking dish).
- Sprinkle some grated cheese on top(opt) .Crack an egg on  each. 
- Season with some salt,  pepper & oregano & top with a few
 blanched broccoli florets .
-Bake in a preheated oven for 15- 18  mins at 180C or till the eggs 
are set . Serve hot . 

Don't forget to pair it with some freshly squeezed juice
for an added zing. 


  1. wow this looks yumm... can surely try this for my kid.

    1. Thanks Raksha , do try it out I'm sure ur lil one wil love it :) :)

  2. Mast recipe...will surely try it...- Mini

  3. Looks absolutely delicious! Def going to give it a try!! :)

  4. Gorgeous pics , just can't take my eyes off

  5. mindblowing baked noodles, very attractive.

  6. Never thought of making baked version using noodles..very attractive..

  7. Hi first time have a gorgeous blog. and I loved this baked noodle dish.


  8. Love this! We don't eat eggs though so trying it without them! :)


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