Tuesday, July 23, 2013


~ Berrylicious  !! ~

For my lil one and me the berry addiction is still up .
After having loads of Jamun froyo bites through out the week
we still want to add a kick of many more berries to our 
daily breakfast too . Right from relishing big bowls of mixed 
berry  salads ( read spinach, apple, plum  and  cherry salad ) to 
adding some to my oatmeal  to packing a handful in lil ones tiffin 
 we  are tightly in the grip of berry fever and greatly  enjoying it too. 
With a big bag of frozen strawberries in hand , loads of fresh fruits 
in the fruit basket , beautiful flowers in bloom and a wonderful
 weather - what more  can  life ask for ?

We are enjoying our humble jamuns every bit . Ripe juicy booties
 sprinkled with some black salt just tastes absolutely heavenly and all the 
more with a gush of cool breeze lazed with the earthy aroma of wet soil. 

It seems that during this season , my camera is always hungry for 
colorful captures .While my better half and lil one were at the florist
 picking up some gorgeous roses and marigolds  for an upcoming 
worship ritual , I was  busy capturing  the myriad colors  at
  the nearby temple.

As per our local  calendar the holy month of Shravan has started .According
 to the Indian mythology this period is dedicated to the God of rain and water.
The markets are flocked with colorful flowers ,wood apple (bel) leaves, fruits 
of the angel's trumpets ( datura) and other paraphernalia required
 for the deity offerings.  

The magic of  the rains beautifully makes everything sparkle- the vibrant
 trees, the cool winds  and the charisma of temples flocked with devotees
 and  flower vendors  presents the most picturesque sight . 

Shravan is the month of Jamuns too , and truly this time I have immensely 
experimented with the berry . Right from the Jamun froyo  to Jamun 
smoothie to jamun compote filled purple party cake (that I had made to treat 
our  friends  this Sunday, post the long swimming session ) , the humble
 berry  for me has  truly been the king of the fruits this season. 

While I made some smoothie for lil one , I mixed some gorgeous 
purple puree to the bowl of my humble oatmeal too .....the amalgamation 
of the rich flavourful Jamuns  with some honey turned out 
absolutely wonderful !!!! I must  freeze loads before the season ends . 

Jamun Smoothie

 This easy to whip pixie looking smoothie is perfect to win over 
not only kids but adults too ........


2 cups  yogurt, 1 cup jamun fruit de seeded , 2 tbsp honey* , 
a sprig of mint for garnishing 

Blend the  de seeded jamuns along with honey  in a food
processor/ mixie  till smooth. Mix in yogurt and whisk for another 
10 secs . Pour into glasses , garnish with a sprig of mint and serve. 
* Adjust honey as per the tartness of the fruit 


  1. I did a feature today on fruit. I really liked your smoothie. You can see it over at Feed Your Soul Too - http://www.feedyoursoul2.com/2013/07/friday-five-fruit.html

  2. Hello Smita! Your blog is so beautiful! The photographs are simply gorgeous, and I look forward to trying some of your recipes. I reviewed your book today at DIY Weddings, and I'm sure everyone will love it as much as I did! Best wishes for all your future endeavors!


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