Monday, December 23, 2013


~Merry Christmas - 2 ~  

Dull gloomy days of winter are perfect to involve lil ones in 
DIY holiday crafts and keep them occupied. To ride out  cold breezy 
days with loads of fun and frolic we have been making lots of christmas 
crafts- santas, snowmen and  christmas tree both on paper and plate ...
These christmas themes salad plates are not only easy to make but
 also great to eat !! Even the smallest hand would love to get involved ..

HoHoHo Santa on the go ..

Guava, banana, black grapes , red pepper , cucumber , pea, cheese 
and savory stars. 

This year my little one  had taken the responsibility of decorating 
the Christmas tree. From the big box of last years decorations she 
picked out some of the vibrant pieces and tied them up all on her own. 
Truly kids grow up so soon .........

With delicious guavas in abundance , our second creation was also 
with similar ingredients .....but you can  replace the guava slices 
with juicy  pineapple slices too .

Frosty the guavaSnowman 

Sliced guava, cucumber, banana, black grapes, pea, red bell pepper 
and cheese (Use a piece of drinking straw to cut out tiny circles from
 a cheese slice) 

If you are planning a christmas party for kids these tiny fruity
easy to  make edible crafts are sure to be a hit !! 

Merry Christmas !!!! 


  1. GRACIAS AMIGA.. por deleitarnos con tus MARAVILLOSOS MUÑECOS a lo largo de todo el año!!!

    1. Muchas gracias. Una muy feliz Navidad a usted también.


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