Friday, January 17, 2014


~ Life is a Rainbow  ~

 Almost a fortnight of 2014 is over  and surely too late a  time to wish
 all you lovely readers a happy new year but I definitely remember some
great quote that  aptly revolves around the fact  that 'Good wishes and joys of
life are not bound by times ' hence its never too late to extend the warmest
greetings of love, well being and prosperity today and forever and nothing
can symbolize these good wishes more than the vibrant colorful rainbow.
A couple of ongoing projects hardly left anytime for my blog. The post that
 was scheduled for the first day finally comes up now. 

The magic of rainbow

The spiritual symbolism associated to these myriad colors of joy is surely divine .
The beauty of rainbow signifies that even after the roughest storm and hardships
of life things get better- The dull gloomy days  are conquered by happiness
 and joy. The seven colors of the rainbow although different in wavelengths
 and vibrations link together in the perfection of balance and  harmony.

What could be better than extending the warmth and good luck via these 
rainbows and sunflowers . As per the Chinese mythology sunflowers a 
considered auspicious , they deal with long life , vitality and prosperity. A
 true  symbol of happiness. 

Rainbow on my plate 

Herbed mashed potato clouds with pepper & olive . Bands of red
 cabbage, peas, corn, carrot and cherry tomato .


  1. Looks truly gorgeous and Happy new Year to you as well.

    1. Thanks Manju , may you have a blessed 2014 too. !!

  2. Does not matter dear if it is 15 days from the 1st Jan. The rainbow looks amazing.

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