Thursday, October 16, 2014


~ Healthy Halloween -1~

The festival season is right around the corner!! Shorter 
daylight accompanied with cool wind and rustling fall leaves 
makes us realize that its time to gear up for the upcoming 
festivities. While the left hemisphere of my brain has been
 meticulously planning for the Diwali bash at home, the creative 
right brain is continuously thinking about some spooky crafts 
and finger foods for kiddos halloween fun. 

The Fruity Owl 

The Halloween magic with all its boolicious food and creepy
 fun is steadily making waves in the Indian culture too....half a 
decade back the almost unheard Halloween is one of the most
 popular theme of the October parties today .

The dearth of readymade creepy decor serves as a great excuse
 for making DIY crafts and these Halloween crafts images 
that I clicked at a school fair beautifully highlight their talent. 

Trick or Treat or Eggs and Fruits  ???
 Even if you are short of time or special festive ingredients these
super easy to make Halloween eggs will surely add some spooky fun
 to meals, do pop one into the kiddos tiffin I bet he will love it !!

Just use some food grade / edible markers or sharpies to draw 
some zombie features on the shell of a hard boiled egg. 
  Pair the boolicious eggs with a nice fruity owl salad for
 a perfect energy boost. 

Owl- Watermelon slice ( trimmed with the edge of a bowl), oranges, 

black grapes, banana and sliced  olives . Branch- steamed bean,
 kiwi and grape. 


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