Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Xmas time

~ Merry Christmas ~ 

When temperature dips and teeth begin to 
chatter we know that Christmas has finally
 set in !!! It appears that  the advent calendar
 and Indian winters seem to share a wonderful 
bond.... From the very beginning of the month
 the mercury starts dipping and by the Christmas
 eve the weather becomes freezing cold . While 
the  extreme north gets enveloped in snow,we in
 capital city enjoy cold foggy mornings and 
bit sunny afternoons. 

Xmas tree Salad 

Sliced cucumber, grapes, blanched beans n bell peppers .

Our Christmas tree was already up and 
dazzling since early this month  but we were
 still in mood to decorate some more .......
 thus while drawing and crafting various
 paper versions we came up with this super 
easy idea !! While I sliced the veggies n fruits , 
daughter arranged it on the platter...

To  ride out cold breezy days and keep lil one
 occupied we have been  baking some festive treats, 
nurturing our little balcony garden , capturing the 
gorgeous reds and greens of the local market n
 spending time creatively in loads of  xmas crafts. 

The winter season here is synonymous with vibrant 
flowers and luscious juicy fruits and veggies -
heaps of strawberries, grapes, pomegranates, kiwis ,
 winter cucumbers, colourful bell peppers, broccoli 
and cherry tomatoes  flood the local  markets, making 
it truly a veggie lovers paradise. Each visit to  market
tempts us to fill our our grocery bags up to the brim !!  

After making loads of  Santa cap cards and 
gift tags  for friends and family we decided to 
treat ourselves on one too !!! The firm strawberries 
made way to salad while the extra  pomegranate
 arils made way to the  juicer . It was the day of xmas
 salad .....  and holidays surely have this magical 
way of bringing out the child in all of us !!! 

Santa Cap 

Diced Strawberries, pomegranate, cucumber 

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