Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter time

~Easter 2017 ~ 

While it is advent of spring and time for 
warm  sunny days n beautiful flowers in 
most of the western world , the indian 
subcontinent is almost on the verge to bid
 adieu to this beautiful time of the year and
 prepare ourselves for scorching summers !
 Though the joy of the cool breeze, waft of 
wonderful  easter delicacies and colourful
 easter eggs and bunnies is all around yet 
the hint of warm noons  clearly hints 
hot dry  summers  ahead !! 

Chick chick !!

 Watermelon, mango, bell peppers, 
baby spinach, leeks, cucumber , grape

Easter is incomplete without eggs 
and egg hunt . As per the traditional 
Easter belief , egg is  the symbol of rebirth
 and reinvigoration though with time the 
traditional sugar easter eggs have been
replaced by the chocolate and candy ones, yet
 to me easter invokes childhood memories 
and the school canteen where we as kids used
 to line up to buy the annual beauties 
( candies filled sugar easter eggs )
 Ah Childhood !!!

Warm weather n bright balmy sunlight
 brings in loads of butterflies too !! Their
 magnificent colours truly reflect the 
majestic colour of spring, isn't it nice 
that we can create the same charisma
with a few  fruits n veggies on  little 
plates too !! After all the festivities are
 all about loving , caring ,sharing and 
spreading the joy……………….
Happy Easter everybody !! 

Butterfly on my plate 

Watermelon wedges topped with sliced grapes .
Flowers- mango and  baby spinach

Back to School 

April is the back to school month for 
most of the kids in North India, loved 
creating these yummy n easy to make
 lunches for the April issue of Child 
Magazine (India) Pg  74-77 , lets soak 
in a bit more spring !!! 


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