Thursday, October 19, 2017

Happy Diwali

~ Happy Diwali ~

Diwali , the festival of lights is the most 
joyful and brightest of all Indian festivals. 
This 5 day festival marks the triumph of good
 over evil and the victory of light over dark. 
 The days are marked with joy, happiness , 
meeting friends and relatives and spreading the
 cheer of festivity with everybody around. 

Diya on my plate !!

Watermelon, yellow bell pepper, carrot, cucumbers
 n savoury stars 

There is a divine aura of the festive spirit around. 
Colourful patterns called rangolis are made on
 the floor as a sign of celebration  and to welcome
 the divine !! 

The markets are lined with the 
vendors selling the most gorgeous rangoli
 pigments almost everywhere ! These colourful 
patterns are often made using colourful petals or 
dyed rice too .Each house has their own liking 
towards the chosen patterns which often 
ranges from geometrical designs to lotus motifs 
and tiny footsteps, as a  symbol of Goddess's
 tiny feet. 

Clay  lamps or diyas are an integral part of the
festivities and are lighted as a symbolic representation
 to welcome the Goddess of wealth and prosperity,
 Lakshmi. During this time a visit to the market or 
a potters colony is worth every bit !! After being 
baked the diyas are hand painted individually or 
dipped in traditional brick red color or Geru !

The market boasts of the most gorgeous display of
not only varied colors but a enigmatic display of 
patterns, textures and bubbling life too and nothing 
can be better than capturing the feel of this in 
monochrome and celebrate the essence joy around !!! 

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali !!! 

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