Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fruit toons

~ Fruit toons ~

Our kids need a healthy snack to boost their energy
and keep them fit. Fresh fruit salad is an ideal
solution. It is colorful, nutritious n bursting
with freshness n energy !! Here are some ideas
to help chase away those doldrums and satisfy
their little hunger pangs ....

Toon Time

Cored apple slices , kiwi, orange , olives
carambola n cherry

Fruity Peacock

Apple, kiwi, olive n orange


  1. Love ur ideas!!! :) sure caters to all the picky eaters out there! thanks for such a lovely spread. Love the peacock especially.

  2. Love the peacock, looks like he is preening himself
    Thanks for sharing...

  3. Wow… the peacock is truly awesome….
    and congrats for ur awards...
    great going...

  4. Smita,Love ur blog.Great inspirational ideas I gather here ,to get my toddler daughter to eat her food.She is a fussy eater.

  5. Thanks to all for dropping by n putting in ur lovely comments . Such lovely words inspire me to create more n more !!

    @ Maya-I hope ur daughter enjoys this cute food n develops a liking for healthy stuff.


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