Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Time -1

~ Christmas Time -1 ~

Christmas is one of the most exciting and fun times of
the year .With the Holiday season right around, its time
to start thinking about cute n healthy food for our lil ones .
It is surely the most awaited time of the year for kids ,
& to cast a glow on their faces , my advent calendar
has Holiday themed cute foods throughout Dec .
Hope u enjoy making it as much as I do !!!!

Christmas tree

Sliced kiwis, tomato
Gadgets- star shaped cookie cutter n skewer

Tiffin time

Orange , jam sandwich, corn, lettuce radish n sprinkles


  1. Lovely tiffin!! Great way to make childrean eat healthily!

  2. Love the Christmas tree!! How cute!! Do you make lunchbox like that everyday for your kids?? That is so lovely! You're like the best mom ever! :)

  3. Thanks for liking my creations Chakhlere & Sook . Its just a small effort to make our lil ones eat nutritious stuff.

    @ Sook- I try to make cute tiffin usually on a regular basis , but pack simple ones also wenevr i get up late LOL. while packing a simple one i make sure to use colorful lunch box n containers.

  4. Lovely presentations dear...Colourful and attractive...

  5. Amazing lunch box idea..

  6. Found you via Edible Crafts. Love the tree. The simple things are the best things. Excuse me as I'm on my way out the door to buy a kiwi...:)

  7. Thanks for liking the tree Cindy .
    Hope to c u here again .

  8. Such a fun christmas tree idea!!! Thanks for sharing... think we'll make these on Christmas morning!
    Blessings and magic.


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