Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas time 2

~ Christmas Time -2 ~

Christmas is a special holiday that can create
lasting memories of joy n happiness.
Regardless of the pretty decorations , sparkling
tree ornaments n snowy snowmen , some cute
artful edible stuff will surely make the
holidays memorable !!!!

Eggy tree

Hard boiled egg, spinach juice/ green food color,
mayo n cheese
( Add a pinch of edible green color in a cup of water n immerse
the peeled hard boiled egg for an hour. Pat dry before
decorating. Spinach juice can also be used to color
the egg but natural dyes give a lighter color in
comparison to food colors.)

Sanwichy The Snowman

White bread , tomato, carrot, peas, olives, pomegranate,
spinach celery/ coriander stalks n mayonnaise


  1. OMG the xmas tree is sooooooooo cute , v innovative idea . love the snowman also esp his scarf !! eager to see more christmas postings .

  2. Love the snowman!!! n the previous post tree & sandwich. U r super duper talented!!! How did u color the egg green???

  3. Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies !!

    @Mindful Meanderer - To make colorful eggs , soak hard boiled eggs in the color water ( a pinch of edible color to a cup of water ) soak longer for deeper color. Once desired color is achieved , wash thoroughly in cold water , pat dry n use . Natural colors like beet , spinach , turmeric etc can also be used, but these give a lighter color in comparison to food colors.

  4. Awesome Smita.Love all the holiday edible decorations.

  5. this certainly would be trying for my little one this Christmas.

  6. This is terrific! I'm definitely going to try making some coloured Easter Eggs this way! Awesome!


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