Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Time -3

~ Christmas Time -3 ~

Christmas is a time for family fun and beautiful
food crafts. Bring the characters and figures
of season to life with these kid friendly n easy
to make food crafts. Kids would love to create
these foods n munch it too !!!

Frosty - The Snowman

2 Hard boiled eggs , spinach, cherry tomato, red cabbage
cloves, tip of paprika /dried red chilly, dill , finely grated radish

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells ......

Tomato , capsicum , apple n caramel sauce
Peel n fold the tomato peel for making the tomato flower

Yummy Gel candles

Colorful Jelly set in small glasses


  1. amazing!!! going to try the jingle bells tonight! :) How did u shape the capscicum like that.. the outer cut I can understand.. but the inner depressions?

  2. Thanks for liking the creations Tina n MindfulMeanderer !!!

    @ MindfulMeanderer - The veins n mid veins are simple incisions with a paring knife .

  3. ahhh!! u shud start classes :)
    Count me in!!

  4. love the snowman, vry creative.

  5. So cute! I linked up to these! Check it out :)

  6. Hi, Smita! I love this little guy... I just has to ask you though, will your kids eat this? I have this issue. No matter how cute the food, my kids will ask me what EACH little ingredient is. LOL! Like, What is he made of? What is that around his neck?, etc.... And then they won't eat it if thye don't like it!

  7. Thanks to all for all the kind words .

    @ MindfulMeander - Thanks for ur inspirational comment , I'l dfntly let u know once i start .

    @ Emily - Thanks for linking , i feel honored.

    @Tami ( Pixel Trash ) -I can understand ur issue well . Every child has the same picky attitude towards food as Healthy food is not always the tastiest food , year back my dautr too was no exception .
    There are a few simple tricks that helped me -
    -Try involving ur little ones in making cute food , u can also giv names to certain ones like Popye’s fav to Spinach , Miffy’s carrots etc
    -Build a story with the ingredients of the food with esp emphasis on the ones which they dnt like - eg Long long ago ther lived a red hat snowman ,he was diff than other coz he was santa’s snowman……..
    Jus try n run ur imagination wild!!!!
    -Try serving the stuff they dnt like in form of soups or sandwich fillings .
    - Lastly they should feel food is fun n is never being forced on them !!

    Do let me know if things work out for u too .

  8. Smita this Snowman is truly awesome but how did you make the bow around his neck??

  9. Thanks Manya .
    The bow is a a red cabbage strip around the neck . The crinkly texture on the cabbage gave a more realistic look .


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