Monday, January 4, 2010

5 min Cake

~ The 5 min magic ~

Who doesn't love choco cakes ???
With a Happy New Year mail, Manvi -a follower from the blog
mailed me a lovely recipe titled - Easiest Ever Choco Cake .
This yummy chocolately five min recipe was perfect and
convincing enough to give an instant try . The cake turned out
wonderful . I hardly got any time for pic , while clicking
the very first shot I could hear my daughter's impatient voice
"Mom pleeeeeeese take the pics next time when u bake ,
I can't wait any longer " n off with this phrase was gone
the M and M on top ........ Thanks for sharing the recipe Manvi
- surely baking was never so easy !!

Cake in a Microwave !!!!!

Easiest Choco Cake ( Microwave )
Mixing is very imp in this cake so mix in well
after putting each ingredient.

Ing- 4 eggs, 1 3/4 cup powdered sugar , 1 cup flavorless
oil/ butter , 3/4 cup cocoa, 1 1/4 cup plain flour , 3/4 tsp baking
powder, pinch of baking soda, a few tbsp milk.

Method- In a big bowl beat 4 eggs till light n frothy, add
1 3/4 cup sugar n mix well. Put in 3/4 cup cocoa mix well ,
add 2tbspmilk ( may be a little more if required) to obtain a
lovely ribbony consistency. Finally add in 1 1/4 cup flour ,
baking powder n baking soda. Mix well, add in fruits/ nuts
of your choice n pour in a greased microwave safe container .
Cover with cling film (plastic wrap) n cook in micro mode
for 5 mins ( 900 W) . Take out from the microwave after
2 mins . Insert a toothpick to test if its done.

Make sure not to overbake or the cake will be dry. 
To give it a quick pretty look I kept a patterned trivet
on top of the cool cake n sifted some powdered sugar .


  1. Looks yumm! Will giv it a try this week! :)

  2. Thanks for the mention Smita.. I must say its an honour that a cook like you tried out my recipe.. and I love the way you decorated the cake.. this idea never came in my mind... i will do the icing next time..
    thanks once again..:)

  3. The cake really sounds easy n looks tooooooooooo yummy . decorating with a trivet n sugar is surely a great idea.
    From where did u buy such a pretty trivet ?

  4. Soft and yummy choco cake...Nice presentation dear...

  5. Thanks for lovely comments ladies.

    @ Mindful Meanderer - Surely MM , n do let me know how it tasted .

    @ Manvi- It was a pleasure to try such a wonderful recipe. Thanks for sharing the - 5 min wonder.

    @ Saumya- Thanks Saumya. I picked up the trivet from the 'Lifestyle Home Centre '

    @Tina- Thanks Tina.

    @Maya Vardhan- Thanks Maya .

  6. 5 minutes? That is tooooooo tempting! :)

  7. its looks delicious...and i know it tastes as well..
    Manvi please have a look and next time you can also try this..

  8. beautiful cake..u have such a wonderful blog.lvoe ur creations...

  9. Thanks for ur lovely comments Chef Aimee , Manya n Saju Sharfu .

  10. Amazing photos and recipes.It's cute...

  11. Thanks for dropping by, wow this 5 min cake works like magic, thanks for sharing, hope to see u again.

  12. Looks amazing - love the trivet idea !!!

  13. I loooove the decoration on top!!The cake looks lovely.I started baking in microwave too..then slowly graduated to Convection baking.

    Thanks for sending this to my entry!!

  14. Hi Smita, found the cake in the roundup... great cake, i think i'll finsh scraping the bottom on the plate in 2 mins :) so that is a 7 minute meal...

    BTW love ur profile pic... ur daughter looks so adorable

  15. looks easy! hey, why don't u send this to my no bake cake event!


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