Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

~ Welcome 2010 ~

Little Food Junction wishes you a very
happy n prosperous new year .

When the temperatures are dropping to single digits &
the dense fog /snow has enveloped the entire N. hemisphere
it is surely not a great idea to let the kids party in open.
Healthy n colorful comfort foods will be a lovely bait
to glue little ones to party indoors . These easy to make
finger foods along with steaming soups will surely keep
chill at bay !!! Lol ! Comfort in real sense.......

When the Clock Strikes 12 '

Tomato n beet soup with cream , Fenugreek flavored Savoury
Indian crackers ( mathri / matthi )
Gadgets- number cookie cutters

Celebrating 2010

Numbered sandwiches , corn , tomato, dill, lettuce, cabbage
Gadgets- number cookie cutters

Sandwich Cake

White bread ,mayo , lettuce, carrot , hard boiled egg , beet
Gadgets - round cookie cutters

Blooming Buds


  1. all creations are really awesome... Happy New Year

  2. Wishing you a very happy new year
    I am running out of adjectives in trying to describe your creativity
    Best Wishes

  3. I second Lohit!!! :) happy new year!!

  4. Oh my these are fabulous. Happy 2010!!

  5. All the comments are mind blowing . How do you think about such lovely ideas ????? the soup one is tooooooo good n vvvv good depiction also !!!

  6. @ Manvi- Thanks Manvi, A very Happy New Year to u too

    @ Lohit Verma- A very Happy New Year to u too Lohit. Thanks for such kind words, surely such lovely comments inspire me to create more.

    @ Mindful Meanderer- Thanks MM n a very Happy New Year to u too.

    @Kellie- Thanks Kellie, A very Happy New Year to u too .

    @Saumya- Thanks Saumya.

  7. WOW!!!

    What a lovely way to start the new year...

    Very creative entry for "Eating your Words Challenge'
    The Variable - Nachiketa
    Crazy Over Desserts - The Variable, Nachiketa

  8. Beautifully done for Eating Your Words! Love your other creations, too. :-)


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