Friday, November 19, 2010

apple muffins

~ A Bit of Fall ... ~

Leaves in the autumn came tumbling down,

Scarlet and yellow, russet and brown,
leaves in the garden were swept in a heap,
Trees were undressing , ready for sleep.
- Autumn Leaves (anonymous)

Fall is the season for colorful apples .The markets

here are flooded with the most colorful & vibrant

harvest booties. Delicious reds, Golden yellows,
luscious greens velvety maroons ....... the apple
palette seems to be unending . The colorful buys
from the market yesterday had to be put in some
creative use other than normal munching. .. so
here goes some easy Apple Zucchini muffins
with easiest ever decorations ....

A Bite of Fall
(Apple Topped Apple Muffins )

Apple Muffins(recipe follows) ,colorful n crisp
Washington Apples & a few black grapes.
The top n bottom of the red apple was used for
the flower whereas the leaves were cut ( using a leaf
shaped cookie cutter) from yellow n green apples. To
prevent browning soak the decorations in lightly salted
water pat dry n fix on the muffins with
some melted chocolate.

Apple , Zucchini & Spice Muffins
Ingredients- 1/2 cup powdered oats, 1/2 cup all purpose flour,
1/2 cup powdered sugar, 2 tbsp milk, 1/4 cup chopped apple,
1/4 cup grated zucchini , a pinch cinnamon of powder,
1/2 tsp grated ginger , 1/4 cup grated apple ,2 tbsp oil/melted
butter, 1/2 tsp baking powder pinch of soda, pinch of salt ,
1/4 cup dry fruits coarsly ground ( almonds & walnuts).
Method- Sift together the dry ingredients . Whisk
the oil along with other wet ingredients . Mix in the apple ,
zucchini & nuts . Do not over-mix or the muffins will
be tough. Pour the batter in a silicon cups & bake at
180C for 20-25 mins.

Tip- Zucchini can be substituted with pumpkin / carrots.
Tip- (Make sure to make the decorations first so that the fruit
leftovers can be easily used for baking.)


  1. Ur creations leave me speechless .... Divine is the only word I could use !!

  2. Hey Smita,

    Cute little flower of apple...Love your creativity...:)


  3. Awesome as ever :) yummy muffins too.

    Are those silicon muffin moulds??

  4. those look really Yummy smitha.. nice presentation

  5. Thanks for ur comments buddies.

    @ Nithya - u'r rite Nitya , these r silicon muffin molds .

  6. That looks so lovely, the flower muffin molds!! So cute.

  7. What a cute flower on top of the muffin dear. It has really multiplied the beauty in your preparation.
    Hamaree Rasoi

  8. muffins look delicious and ur creation make them
    fentastic. nice resentation
    Samita i have to clear some thing for the event .i started my blog on july 10 can i participate?

  9. such a good creativity...superb n inviting muffins...

  10. These are just stunning! It took me a minute to realize that the flower was made from an apple!!

  11. Absolutely beautiful.. the muffins looks so delicious with apple carving on the top.

  12. Delightful! lovely as always :)

  13. These are so pretty. It seems like you have endless ideas!

  14. Awesome ..... love the idea ...

  15. Yummy and love the wounderful presentation.

  16. this is a yummy bite..i love ur moulds+ ur muffins!

  17. Lovely blog and an interesting recipe..happy to follow your blog...

  18. Thank you for adding these beauties to the Mingle. What a novel idea Smita...very nice!

  19. Awesome job Smita. The colorful apples look so nice here. Bet little one have enjoyed it.

    Smita, do you have any posts here for kids birthday theme? (I couldn't find any). If not, would you please consider this theme for your upcoming posts?

  20. These are so great! I would love to have one. I bet they are yummy!

  21. How beautiful - thanks for sharing how to make those lovely little flowers, it's a great idea.

  22. Cute! The apple cutouts remind me of how my Japanese grandmother used to decorate our bento (lunchboxes).

  23. Such lovely muffins ..... I love the healthy topping !!!

  24. This is the best looking apple muffins I've seen so far. Great job Smita :-)

  25. Adorable. I love the icing on the cake! so creative.

  26. You have a lovely spot here! Awesome work!

  27. Very Nice Blog I like it so much....

    Smith ALan


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